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  1. Simply turn off the game before you lost your last card. It's a bug, and if there is someone who is using it - it's honorable to tell the rest.
  2. Hi, i have some ideas regarding asynchronous PVP, little improvement that probably will make PVP more competitive, but without making it fully synchronous(that would be great, but as a programmer i know how hard it can be). So, lets say that we have PvP in the form we have it right now. I'll add Home PVP rank and Away PVP rank(you attack someone, and someone attacks you). Then if someone attacks you, you do not have to play the game right now, but everything what was during the battle is recorded(.avi file? or just sets of variables describing fight, which can be replayed, and you can watch it when you log in to the game). This can spice the game, because players can compose different sets for away and home battles. You can watch how your deck was doing in Away PVP, and after you use all your stamina, you change your deck to another "deffensive" one, that do better in Away fights and log out. I hope you understood my idea, I'm not native eng speaker.
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