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  1. Looking to edit a post I made but not able to do so. Is this intended or am I just missing the location to the edit area? Thanks.
  2. Step 1: Create Your Spells of Genesis Account Create a Spells of Genesis account at spellsofgenesis.com Go to the Login page and click on the Register Now button Complete the registration process and verify your account Step 2: Create your Counterparty Wallet PC To create a Counterparty wallet visit counterwallet.io. For mobile users we recommend using the Book of Orbs app through your iOS or Android device. Note that these accounts are all Counterparty addresses and are compatible with each other. Securely copy the 12 word passphrase. Do not lose this information. It is important to note if you lose your passphrase you will lose access to your account. Mobile Download the Book of Orbs app on your iOS or Android device Securely copy the 12 word passphrase once you have downloaded the app and logged in. This is a standard Counterparty address and can be used on the PC. Step 3: Connect Your Accounts Link your Counterparty wallet to your Spells of Genesis account Click on the Link XCP Wallet button Connect the Counterparty wallet you want to use with your Spells of Genesis account. Note* This action cannot be undone without manual support For Book of Orbs users. Your Counterparty address will be located in the account section of your app.
  3. Good point, I like this Idea. At the start the blockchain players are going to level up the starter cards. Don't want to put them at a disadvantage them for using blockchain assets over the free ones.
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