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  1. Unotdog25

    Gameplay bug

    I'm getting a bug where I will hit an ice spell and enemies will still fire the next shot. I've had this 15+ times now and it's killing me on the may challenge. Wasted so many lives and gems at 20 per attempt on the final game. This is really frustrating. Also when an enemy is close to a black hole it will move (ie the hot made contact) but register no damage. Also why do the enemies all stay the same size now even after damage? Android galaxy not 8 latest software V1.2.14
  2. Unotdog25

    Anyone done all achievements?

    Pretty upset the ice card wasn't this month's reward. Sods law it would be the last one since it's the last card I need to have quad everything.
  3. Unotdog25

    Anyone done all achievements?

    Ive completed everything, all campaigns, all quests. I have all quad fused legendaries except the ice one, which i have a dual fused and a single fused. In the next 2 months I'm confident it will be a reward for the monthly. So I think I've got it in the bag.
  4. Unotdog25

    Raid player stuck in one of my slots.

    Still having the same issue. Thanks in advance.
  5. Unotdog25

    Raid player stuck in one of my slots.

    No error message. After challenging them it briefly loads the main loading splash screen, the exits back to the screen were you pick the player to challenge (screenshot). V 1.2.11 iOS 11.2.6
  6. One of my 3 raid slots has a player stuck in it. When trying to challenge the player the raid doesn’t start and instead crashed back to the main map screen. Over 24 hours now. Thanks in advance.
  7. Unotdog25


    In my understanding blockchainisation will do nothing to a cards statistics, it just means we will be able to trade/sell the cards with other players. I could be wrong but hat is what I understand.
  8. Unotdog25

    Raid PvP 'hack'

    This was only tested on IOS. Can be replicated 100% of the time.
  9. Unotdog25

    Raid PvP 'hack'

    Pretty simple. If you close the app before the conclusion of a raid/PvP match, you don't lose any points. This makes an easy cheat as you can just close the app when you're about to lose. No wonder I see so many poor players ranked Ge. Surely a simple solution would be to deduct 30 points upon the initiation of the game and upon a winning game award the player 40 points, resulting in the same +10 points for a win. Or is it not that simple? On an unrelated note definitely not related to the above post (totally related to the above post) I noticed that when I completed Ge level I didn't get awarded the ten Random cards. Totally don't deserve them anyway. Haha.
  10. A lot of people have been asking about the PvP mode and why it is like it is. The screenshot shows a typical enemy I come accross on a regular basis (they were just level 10) -How have they got five players? -Why are the all such high health? (Bearing in mind I just hit the closest three enemies already with my mermaid trident AFTER hitting my plus 6 attack all spell) -Why do they get a heavy boost? -And finally, do you think for even a moment this is possible? Especially since every card is a one hot kill on each of my cards except possibly number 4. Even if my attack plus 6 all spell and my weaken -9 all spell spawn in exactly the right spot I'm extremely lucky if I can finish the first round with one card remaining. Id love to know the parameters of how this level is generated.
  11. I really don't get the logic. I'm coming up against level 10 players in which the first round is 5 HUGE BC cards. All the best ones. I have virtually THE best non-BC deck possible and it's just not mathematically possible even when when mermaid trident spell and my weaken all -9 card are placed in a perfect position. Even if I can do it I have maybe one card left. How can someone have 5 cards? It just doesn't make sense? And what decides the boost level?
  12. I was stuck for a long time even using 3 quad fused legendary cards and a dual fused legendary card. -Make the most of the attack boost for dark and light cards -Figure out how to take out both closest enemies on round 1 in 2 turns. (Tricky) -keep card in slot 1 alive until last round. To be honest the only times I ever completed it, I had all four cards alive on round 3 -really 100% need a shield all card. -kill shield all enemy and trident enemy on round 2 before they get a shot off. -Last and most important, be extremely lucky.
  13. Yea, I just play for the daily challenges now to try and get three stars for a legendary card. Still completely gobsmacked about the gold reduction.
  14. I'm assuming it would be easier with Bc cards just since they wipe the floor with me every time on raid mode, even with all my quad legendarys. I really can't imagine how much harder DC would be without all the quad legendarys, every time i competed a level I made it with one shot remaining. Respect to anyone who manages it with epics, even DC 4 with epics would be insane.
  15. Yes I'm not sure on the technicalities of how counterparty works. Whether they can write multiple assets off chain and then broadcast it on chain, I really don't know. I think it's too early to jump to BCH even though right now it's the obvious choice.