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  1. It should work for you now ! Please confirm
  2. yes it's possible ! I'll let you know as soon as it's fixed. For now you don't need to do anything. I'll let you know one you can test
  3. Thanks for answering You failed login in ? Have you got the build from Canadian or Swiss App Store ? When we globaly launched the the game we reseted player progression. When did it occure "it was a new account" just after the launch on the 21st April ?
  4. @FreeNuts Thank you for your interest and your effort to link your account. I see on the database there are two users created. I'm trying to understand what happened because it happened to several people Could you please tell me 1. What process did you do ? First you registered in spells of genesis the game ? Then you went on the website ? Did you register again on the website or did you just logged in with your credentials ? Can you explain me your steps ? 2. Did you do that all from a mobile ? Or did you log in on a desktop PC ? 3. To log in the website and the game did you use your username or your email ? Shaban
  5. @trebormag Yes there are going to be limitation to blockchainization. In order to prevent fraud, explosion of cost and oversupply of the market. I did not decided what are those limitations but for sure common cards won't be blockchainizable. There will be probably limitation on how many cards a user can blockchainize per timeframe.
  6. This is not possible for techical and legal reason, you cannot convert something you purchased with fiat currency into a digital asset. whitout having a money transmitter licence. But we might implement the other way around. Buying gems on the swapbot that will activate on the game
  7. All star 3 levels have increased by 75% !
  8. The icon has been chosen from QA made by A4 Games Since SOG is the brand and should be recognizable on the stores the icon should give an idea of the game style and universe. It has better click rate if it's a character moreover the character on the icon will change from time to time
  9. Book or orbs had issue yesterday. and yes Boo is separated for SOG (in some sense) But there is a dedicated forum here
  10. I see you progressed trough the game. Is your issue solved ?
  11. Is your issue solved ?
  12. Hello Skyvar, And welcome to spells of genesis. Thank you for your feedback it's very useful. I understand 2 issues that you bring 1. Difficulty wall at Purple Dragon 2. Complexity to get games orbs. For the second one as you have understood it Spells of Genesis offer true ownership of digital assets and that is very revolutionary. As for today we are aware that getting into having Bitcoin and digital asset is today a difficulty for users. Once you have bitcoin and use to it, is fairly simple to get orbs and other crypto currencies. But there is a difficulty wall getting the first bitcoins. Think a little bit of internet on it's very beginning, it was not simple to get online. Today is a basic commodity. We did our best so far to have the smoothest experience for new users but there are still barriers we need to overcome, for example it's not possible to sell BitCrystals or bitcoin trough AppStore or event for Fiat currency (EUR USD...) without having a banking licence. But we designed SOG for player to be able to play and enjoy the game event without ORBs. Allowing people to get their first ORBs free by playing and being slowly introduced to it. Coming to your first point, we want to allow players to progress trough the game and it shouldn't be a difficulty wall but a smooth progression. I hear your concerns and tested myself and came to the same conclusion (we did a lot of balancing and re balancing to give fun to players who own super powerful ORBs and the one who doesn't) I will bring this issue to the team meeting tomorrow and we will quickly do something. cc our game designer @Jasper Damman By the way I'm willing to give you an some ORBs stuff to yet you kickstarted. Ill discuss it tomorrow as well.
  13. We improved the speed on the server let us know if hapening agian ! Thanks for reporting it
  14. let us know if happened again
  15. Thanks for reporting ! Do you still have these issues ?