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  1. Bitcrystals stolen or bug?

    It seems the incriminated fishing website is counterwallet [dot] org it doens't belong to counterparty. DONT USE IT ! I'm going to issue warnings
  2. Bitcrystals stolen or bug?

    Oh, This is the second report I got about BitCrystals and valuable cards stolen. The first report I heard was a fishing on counter party slack. He clicked a link to a fake counterwallet website that stole the user passphrase. What did you do recentely ? did you click a counterparty wallet link somewhere ? 1AeqgtHedfA2yVXH6GiKLS2JGkfWfgyTC6 I believe this address is from bitrex exchange. You can try to contact bitrex and tell them you were hacked see what they can do !
  3. EDS should distribute BCY to top 500

    There is no mention of of real time PvP as well. Also this was a part of an extended goal that was not reached. It means PvP shouldn't even be present. In the end what import us is the success of the project this is the reason we decided to add it. We take decision on feature that we thing are important and has the most potential cost vs benefit. What is exactly what you would like to be ? As I said earlier each thing we are working on are features we think are important. I would also have "everything" but in a development cycle you can only do things one by one and we have to chose the features. Can you be more precise ? What features you think are more important that the ones we are working on now ? Right now the big thing is blockchainization. It was not a part of what we promised but a lot of people wants it and I believe this is a key differentiator with all other games.
  4. EDS should distribute BCY to top 500

    I understand some statements here saying people experience an increase of the value of BCY of ONLY 50%-100%, expecting to be millionaires with the project while some other crypto are super performing. Since EDS failed to make millionaires of some of our backers, I read insinuations and threats of being reported to the SEC. I also hear some concerns about the future of the project. I’d like to let you know that exciting things are coming soon. Regarding the threat “make me rich or I’ll report you” : There’s something I’m missing with this argument. You are implying BitCrystals are not compliant with SEC rules, thus EDS should be prosecuted. So I’m basically being told “do better/what I say” or I will report you. We are also being told that what we are doing is not compliant and we are asked to raise the value of BCY by basically onboarding more people. But if it’s not compliant, we shouldn’t be onboarding more people in order to limit the damage. Thus, if we strictly follow the argument formulated here, we should stop using BitCrystals and promote only in-app purchases and move away from the crypto-space. Is that it? First of all, our BitCrystals token sale was never designed to be a “get rich quick” scheme, nor was it ever promoted like that. Again, I invite you to read the terms you agreed during the sale: http://bitcrystals.github.io/pdf/BitCrystalsTokenSaleTerms.pdf The whole project offered people the opportunity to reclaim a portion of ownership of the game, being visionary and to contribute in changing the game economy paradigm. Our goal and communication have always been targeted to make a sustainable product and not to satisfy hungry and dissatisfied speculators. Some projects experience high speculative growth. Real market growth can never sustain a 1000% increase in returns. Real growth is coming from the market & people using the currency for the service and not for speculation. Most of the projects that experiment an inflated speculative growth will face a hard market correction and a lot of people will be hurt. For this reason, our focus is on building things and in delivering to market instead of focusing on the greater foolish economy. Anyway, we are always open to listen to constructive comments, doubts and complaints. We are also willing to improve and drive constant growth. Our strategy may be wrong, we may have to reconsider some of our decisions because crowd knowledge is better than centralized knowledge... I therefore invite each of you to give your advice and help to improve this product. But I don’t accept threatening EDS or our community members. I don’t think this approach is bringing any positive effects to the project. Thus I won’t hesitate to ban abusive users from this forum if I deem it necessary. Future plans and growth As you may know, there is a lot of things in our pipeline. I’m discussing with the team (sprint master) to work on an open roadmap. There are a lot of exciting features we are working on, some of them are game changers, like user-generated content, which is going to be really a big step forward. Blockchainization is also a very interesting feature and I agree we are a bit late on it. I don’t know if you ever follow a game development but it’s not something unusual. Accurate planning of a delivery in a game is not pure science because there are always things that can be improved. The issue of the block size debate didn’t help since we have to explore different solutions (alt-chains) and releasing before the potential hard fork would not have been a good idea. We are continuously working to improve the game and expand the blockchain integration. We are pioneering here, so the road is full of bumps. But each step we make is a leap forward to bringing the blockchain to the mass. @zippy: “I think distributing some BCY to your loyal players would have the following benefits overall”: About giving more rewards: we will consider rewarding active users according to their rank as soon as the blocksize issue gets settled down. I hope these facts will be thoughtfully digested so we can keep working for the general satisfaction. Shaban
  5. EDS should distribute BCY to top 500

    Okay let me summarize the concern I hear here. People think we are not keeping our promise and thus voluntarily crippling the BitCrystals economy. Lack of incentive to purchase blockchain cards. And suggestions to reward players with BCY to improve the engagement. I tend to disagree with that. BitCrystals is game fuel and also a premium currency. Firstly every purchase in game result of a BitCrystals burn. Meaning each in app purchase has an influence on the BCY since they are taken of the market. In that sense BitCrystals are needed when someone makes a purchase. For simplicity and compliance with stores rules the user doesn't have to make the transaction himself but a burn transaction is effectevely made for the user. Moreover unlike most of the project coins out there SOG is among the rare one that has an effective use of the currency by offering constantly blockchain cards that people buy not for speculation but because they are useful for the game and it's a game currency in the sense it's only possible to buy those cards using BCY (in rare case some other crypto but will always linked to a BCY burn tx). And trade them on Book of Orbs The challenge with the stores policy where always in our mind it's not like we had to change. The business model has been tailored to be compliant to stores rules. This is the reason we chose to make the BCY burn and to have on-chain store for card that you can't get in game. Nevertheless I hear the feeling of people thinking we are not holding promises. Just to pass the message our goal is to maximize the reach of SOG and aligning the BCY value to the success of the game. We at EDS are working toward making Spells of Genesis and more largely the economy of true ownership driven by BCY. All what we do is based on prioritization and potential effect. The is a lot of things we could do but we have to select the ones with the most positive effect. Right now we think, bug fixing, blockchainization, push notification, leaderboard, events and Japanese localization are the most important. But I'm open to hear any suggestion or analyses from the community, on what might bring the most positive effect. 1. So apple tells you it's only possible that way. So why is it possible to buy gems in PlayStore as well? I have done both. Other games use Steam as well. So how can apple know where I got additional gems from? Are these services exchanging user data? Quite frankly this is non of Apples business or you are violating their rules already in the status quo. Can you please copy the relevant section of the terms which apply (Apple and PlayStore) with them in here? As for refund of course we don't do refund on the token sale (see the terms) and why would someone get a refund on the token sale as BCY price is about 300% higher against BTC not counting other gifts and other rewards. You are raising an interesting point. Your point is there is not enough incentive to buy new cards. First of all thanks for the ingame purchase the demand for BCY should be constant as long as there is a demand for inagame purchase. There are several ways to make purchase, blockchain and inapp = more monetization but this is not the priority right now. We are focusing on building our user aquisition and retention strategy first before going into monetisation. It's important to be able to scale because working on monetization has much more impact as the community become big. For the cards diversity we are working on new spells and capacities we will seriously think about bringing more diversity. For the ability to purchase gems with BCY we will put an additional thought. It could be possible if we do so we will have to delay other tasks. But it could be possible, personally I don't think this might have a massive effect (more than translating the game in japanese for example) but I might be wrong. Happy to hear your comments
  6. Blockchain cards not showing in game

    It should work for you now ! Please confirm
  7. Blockchain cards not showing in game

    yes it's possible ! I'll let you know as soon as it's fixed. For now you don't need to do anything. I'll let you know one you can test
  8. Blockchain cards not showing in game

    Thanks for answering You failed login in ? Have you got the build from Canadian or Swiss App Store ? When we globaly launched the the game we reseted player progression. When did it occure "it was a new account" just after the launch on the 21st April ?
  9. Blockchain cards not showing in game

    @FreeNuts Thank you for your interest and your effort to link your account. I see on the database there are two users created. I'm trying to understand what happened because it happened to several people Could you please tell me 1. What process did you do ? First you registered in spells of genesis the game ? Then you went on the website ? Did you register again on the website or did you just logged in with your credentials ? Can you explain me your steps ? 2. Did you do that all from a mobile ? Or did you log in on a desktop PC ? 3. To log in the website and the game did you use your username or your email ? Shaban
  10. About Counterparty transactions

    @trebormag Yes there are going to be limitation to blockchainization. In order to prevent fraud, explosion of cost and oversupply of the market. I did not decided what are those limitations but for sure common cards won't be blockchainizable. There will be probably limitation on how many cards a user can blockchainize per timeframe.
  11. This is not possible for techical and legal reason, you cannot convert something you purchased with fiat currency into a digital asset. whitout having a money transmitter licence. But we might implement the other way around. Buying gems on the swapbot that will activate on the game
  12. Gold reward just went up?

    All star 3 levels have increased by 75% !
  13. Game logo/icon

    The icon has been chosen from QA made by A4 Games Since SOG is the brand and should be recognizable on the stores the icon should give an idea of the game style and universe. It has better click rate if it's a character moreover the character on the icon will change from time to time
  14. email change not possible?

    Book or orbs had issue yesterday. and yes Boo is separated for SOG (in some sense) But there is a dedicated forum here http://forum.everdreamsoft.com/index.php?/forum/25-general-discussion/
  15. Web Version?

    I see you progressed trough the game. Is your issue solved ?