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  1. Just want to throw my opinion into the mix and commend you on your efforts here. Things like this is much needed to build the infrastructure surrounding a game up. We're spoiled by wikis full of information on other games.
  2. Context: Levels of activity are generally a bit low, and this is amplified by the fact that there are loads of different sub-categories of discussion boards "game strategy", "general discussion", "bitcrystals economy", etc... Suggestion: Merge a lot of the forum categories together. I am not going to give specific suggestion on this, but I would say the vast majority can fall under "general discussion" for now, and then as activity picks up and it becomes difficult to manage - sub-divisions can be created. At the moment, the forum is just incredibly divided and it gives the impression that it's more inactive than it actually is.
  3. I'd just like to make an addition that actually the card loading screen pauses until you click it, which allows you to wait for the image to appear, having a question mark as a placeholder in the meantime. I don't think that is ideal though and suggestion still stands.
  4. Hear hear. This would be part of my UI/UX list if you hadn't suggested it. Nice one!
  5. Context: Upon pressing backspace on the mobile on a battle scren, the user is prompted to exit the app. Imagine if every time you wanted to close your current WhatsApp conversation, you'd be prompted to leave the app and what you'd have to do is click the backspace arrow on the top-left of the screen. It's intuitive for users to click their phone's backspace to return to the last screen that they were at in-game, and having the "exit app" prompt pop up breaks the immersion and causes frustration in the long run. Suggestion: Allow the backspace to return you to the world map from the battle screen, as opposed to prompting the exit. When at the world map, then the backspace can prompt you to exit the app.
  6. Context: Upon purchasing cards, those with slower internet questions will only seen the "?" symbol before it disappears off the screen and you have to manually see the card art design in your "team" section. This, in my opinion, dampens a lot of the initial excitement that comes with opening a new pack, and becomes a chore to actually find your card's art once you gain a number of cards. Suggestion: Create some sort of rotating loading screen in theme with SoG Lore (like a rotating coin or something) that builds anticipation, while in the background all the card images are loading. End result is the user experiences a lot more excitement when the "EPIC" or "RARE" message pops up with the art design present to boot. For incredibly slow connections, a hard cap or time-wait ceiling can be put at 10-15 seconds.
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