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  1. I have an alternate solution then ETH UBQ... go check it out!
  2. No man! he is just Cobra in spells of genesis...
  3. Does it exist a snapshot of the ranking for before September? My father in law (Cobra) said he was on 50 and i need to check this cause he received only 10000 gold and no card so where can i check the official snapshot of the ranking after which the rewards were made? Thank you,
  4. Hi all, I have a unknown concept regarding the trading of blockchain cards and the crystal investment in those cards. To make it more clear i will present examples. 1. Is there a connection between the blockchain card and the card in-game regarding the crystal investment? Is the upgrade connected to the card or the account for the specified card or is not connected at all? I mean if i have a blockchain card that is upgraded and i sell it to another player will the player receive the card updated? If the buyer receive the card updated that is ok it means the connection of the upgrade (status) of the card is connected to the blockchain information. If the player receive the card at base 0 upgrade then the crystals are lost? If not this means the connection with the upgrade of the specified card is connected with the account. This means if i buy again a blockchain card with the same name that card will be upgraded. In the end if i have 3 blockchain cards the same. 1 upgraded and 2 not upgraded. How do i know how to sell the not upgraded ones? Hope someone know a connection between these things and can provide some clarifications. Thank you,
  5. Amitabha

    Window to confirm

    I also want this!
  6. Amitabha

    Achievement bug.

    Hi, There is an error on the display of the Achievements. Instead of showing the number you need to gather/do it shows the index number of the achievement. here 4 for example instead of 60. This is for all the achievement. For example i am in the second achievement of quests it shows me complete 2 quests instead of 5. Best of all and keep it going mates. There i placed the photo.
  7. Amitabha

    Enemy life

    Hi, I do have a problem understanding the exact life of each enemy. There is nowhere written the life of each enemy for me to try to calculate the exact damage needed to kill that enemy. The same problem i have with the damage of the enemies. Can anyone explain where i can find this if it exist? Thank you in advance.