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  1. About the fees

    I am a little confused here Nick. I always thought we needed a little BTC ( Now a lot because BTC increased in value plus the block size limit ) to move our tokens including Bitcrystals. Are you and Shaban are saying that the Satoshicard that was recorded on the Bitcoin blockchain will now also be recorded on the Ethereum blockchian and possibly others. Will this not create multiple copies of the same card on different blockchains? Or can the Satoshicard become blockchain agnostic? Back to Ethereum. It has the same problems as Bitcoin. Fees increase as the usage increases.There will soon be other CryptoKitty. Cryptodoggy etc and they will bung up Ethereum especially if someone uses it as an attack vector. So how can the Satoshicard become Blockchain agnostic? This would be the most interesting development if we are going down this path.
  2. Play screen display Life and countdown clock. Would be good to display position on Leaderboard. Encourages competition to do better.
  3. And This I know understand the issue with the op-return crippling to 40 characters. Just shows that if they don't want you on their platform why persist. You will only get another wrench thrown in if you gain traction in spite of. BCH is welcoming so I think that Blockfreight will pick up this free money on which they have already worked on and ready to launch.
  4. Nothing focuses attention like PRICE. For this reason I think the best way to capture the public imagination for SOG is emphasise Game Cards as a "store of value". I remember when the price of a Satoshicard was valued at $10,000 and it got wide publicity. This promotional tack worked and will work over and over again. The Satoshicard is the "Mona Lisa" for the blockchain game card collectors world, even though it was not the first. Everytime it reaches new height in value it draws attention to all the other cards and the SOG game. One aspect of the cars is that it is divisible. Just a thought. Perhaps owners of fractions can get together in a Clan game and get the benefit of the powers of the card if it adds up to a whole card. This will probably make all the divisible cards which are no longer issued more valuable and rare. Maybe they should be given "powers of divisibility". I digress @hikergirl1234 Can we have a Orb Marketcap similar to Coin Marketcap ? @KingSlamma Did you get the cards you wanted. Glad to see you back. @Shaban Thanks. though I don't understand the part on trading orbs on different blockchains.
  5. Thanks for this. Like a voice in the desert! Really.
  6. You have to be online to trade on Lightning and you have to leave your private keys online. So if someone can hack your account, your cards are gone too. Do you leave any of your private keys online?
  7. Blockchain Card Price History

    @hikergirl1234 If you open up any counterparty address you will see the exchange. It is not used very much. The trading currency is XCP and you need a little BTC ( Now quite alot since the Fee and scalability problems) to transact. Nevertherless the information is there. One thought is that if the lightning channels can be used than it is is possible that SOG card transactions can be very low cost. Not too sure about this as these transactions are not broadcast on the main chain until you close it (your channel) out. But the XCP DEX is there. It was the whole idea of Counterparty in the first place. To create assets and have a decentralised marketplace to trade it (DEX). The BOO seems to be a better DEX and it uses bitcrystals as the base currency but also crippled by high BTC fees.
  8. Blockchain Card Price History

    @hikergirl1234 Great work. Would you be able to add the Decentralised exchange. Maybe the XCP DEX.
  9. About the fees

    Looks like there could be problems over at Counterparty.cash. Legal action threats. I still think that project will proceed as planed 1st March. Think it will be a BCH burn because it is easier. No air drops to XCP holders as someone has to burn BCH to get XCPC before airdrop and the issuance. Easier to start clean and those who want to be on XCPC can sell their XCP and purchase XCPC. Notice that price of XCP have dropped but price of Bitcrystals have continued up. Most likely Bitcrystals will port over to the new chain 1:1 so that it is useable again. That is my thinking. Probably why EDS has no comment. ( Insider trading etc )
  10. About the fees

    @BenRPG@Shaban http://counterparty.cash/
  11. About the fees

    Will the existing XCP token be the same? Just confused about that. Can't remember now but do we also need a little BTC to move bitcrystals? Glad that this is moving forward. Blockfreight was a big project. What was their token?
  12. About the fees

    Someone is already working on BCH. We should find out who. What I find curious is that Shaban don't seem to have much interest in all this going ons. If anybody is anxious to rescue this it should be him leading the charge.
  13. About the fees

    Right you are Ben. I have between .1 and .15 stuck in 3 wallets. They are unmoveable. In 1 wallet (old) I can't vary fees. @.0002 transaction will be stuck forever. One transaction from this wallet is still stuck after 2 months. One on Blockchain.info I lose 45% to move it. So I am waiting till no one uses BTC and transactions go down and by then hopefully BTC will still be worth something. .1 is not a small amount. It is $1500. By my thinking BTC can only lose users. Those who buy less than .1 BTC from exchanges will soon find out the reality that they will not be able to move it. At this moment I think exchanges and mining pools take up the most of the blockspace leaving very little for the rest of us.
  14. About the fees

    Devon left. Those left behind are firmly in Core's corner. I don't know where they are heading. Many of us including Adam are heavily invested in SOG but our assets are frozen because of this fiasco. How can we support Adam & Co? How much do they need?
  15. About the fees

    If you go LTC for cheaper transaction cost then when LTC gets tp 10,000 dollars it is no longer cheap transaction and you end up with the same problem. XCP requires that we use the transactions on-chain unless we recode to use lightning. If we can do this then maybe wait for lightning. If not KISS principle is always best, and in this case is use BCH. It is the system we always had and it worked. It will continue working with bigger blocks even as the value of BCH increases. I think that eventually core will code in the EDA and make BTC a reserve currency. With that it can co-exist with BCH and entice miners with high value and high fees even if it's dominance goes below 10%. By then reserve banks and institutions will hold them as reserve currency. It will only take one country to start this ball rolling and for all we know some may have already taken up positions. There is a concerted move away from the USD as it is losing its' value. Lost to most currencies by up to 7% last year. No one is willing to standby to see their reserve dwindling in value. Some will find their way into BTC as reserve.