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  1. TGS what happened?

    Yes we are already in japan, but TGS starts from this Thursday
  2. Bitcrystals stolen or bug?

    And the fraudulent link is sent by the slack bot of counterparty slack (deactivated user @ alex).
  3. Help! Spell of Genesis v1.2.2 to 1.2.4 no update

    The problem is on the side of the Google Play Store. But I cannot find explanation of the Error code: 0. Do you have the same error with another app, e.g. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=inc.indiesquare.orbbook (if you have to test an app download, I prefer that it wil be this one ;-) ) If not sorry for very standard advice: phone off/on, delete some apps or file to ensure you have enough memory space.
  4. Just logged in and there was a new level?!

    By the way about the 75/90 you see for the Askian Achievement, the 90 is the number of stars for the reward. When 90 is reached you receive your reward (card) and the next number of stars as target will be displayed (95).
  5. EDS should distribute BCY to top 500

    Hello Thanks for the ideas and discussion. Yes rewarding the players from their leaderboard ranking is something we started. The orientation is more for blockchain cards directly and other in-game elements (e.g. in-game cards, gold). We take care to avoid potential barriers for the player to receive the reward. For that, in-game elements are very good as they are available when you login in the game. The blockchain card requests that a counterparty (XCP) wallet is linked to the SoG player account. This is something additional that a player can do now in our site spellsofgenesis.com, but planned within the SoG app in the next release. Distribution of BCY is another option but more complicated, adding the buying process. Good to review this option later, after the analysis of the 1st leaderboard reward distribution, and after more players have linked their counterparty (XCP) wallet. So we plan to see how the initial reward distributions work, then we can better define the next ones. For buying gems with BCY, it is not possible as you must use the official app payment system of apple. Buying outside is anyway subject to apple analysis. For the understanding of gold/crystals/gems as in-game elements we prefer to keep buying one of these (gems) with in-game payment, separated for blockchain cards tradeable outside of the game with BCY. Naturally we follow the evolution of app/play store rule concerning payment & blockchain elements (especially crypto-currencies), to adapt when suited.
  6. Card disappeared

    hello @wachtwoord We tried to reproduce your case and did not succeed. But we found another bug that we believe could be related: "Raid Cards Distribution with Double Display in Team". The card won by Raid are displayed incorrectly 2 times in the deck (Team). But if you leave the "Team" area, or do an action (e.g. fuse, or in my screenshots example here: crystalize), then there is a refresh and the card is no more displayed 2 times, but only once. Can you remember if it was something similar in your case?
  7. BCY & SoG cards transaction & delivery time

    For the 1st point, we adapted the cards sales, there is no more new cards every week. We made sales with previous cards and no sales this week. For the 2 other points (Counterparty CIP 9 & 11, 2nd blockchain technology) started high-level scenario & alternatives, but we will further follow main crypto evolution till 1st week of August. In between the mempool has improved and transaction during week-end are sometime acceptable. Additionally, we are working on the integration (linking Counterparty/XCP wallet) within the SoG of the BoO app (Book of Orbs). This should help a part of our audience to start with wallet, blockchain, SoG cards.
  8. PvP level/rank is Br

    "Br" is for bronze next will be ... "Si", then "Go" and last one will be ... ? (to be revealed later)
  9. Leaderboard Analysis

    at the end of sprint (around very 3 weeks) ... preparing the next one
  10. Leaderboard Analysis

    Good idea, currently no. I put a task for review of our external API concept (planning with resource prioritisation is another point)
  11. Spell in the hole

    Yes, we notice this change as incorrect behaviour. On our bug list. In review to be part of correction task in our current sprint.
  12. Leaderboard on Iphone 5s

    in between we solved the 2nd case: The 3rd level is played twice.
  13. Sia Battle not loading

    Thanks @Trepanattore, the problem is identified: not SW dev, but cards managment. The cards of the opponents in Sia battle (& by the way it was the same with "Akam the Sorcerer") were no more valid for battle. It is now back to previous state, and the problem is solved.
  14. Sia Battle not loading

    Reported by another user additionally. Tested on iOS. When entering the SIA battle (already 2 stars on my test), the loading screen appears, and then back in the SIA popup window. The stamina total stays the same. We put it on our bugs list.
  15. Twice I have not received the 5 stamina reward

    sometime you can see the add provider (e.g. Vungle) written additionally to the game or game provider (e.g. Angry birds)