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  1. tweetious

    Looking To Buy Several Cards

    I am also looking to purchase the following: SATOSHICARD, KINGREINDEER, CRYSTALIBUR, XAJIBOSS, DIMITRICARD, SORCERERAKAM, BTCMEETUPCD please PM me, if you have the above cards for sale
  2. I am trying to join the club of “7 stars on all levels”. The bellow, are my strongest card portfolio. Could you please suggest me which cards combination is the optimal, and in which slot each card should be placed, for the following stages ? : Dark Creator (4 stars left) The Bear Spirit (3 stars left) Wild Horse (1 star left) 8 stars in total till the “7 stars on all levels” :-) Those that have completed those stages, already have knowledge for an ultimate strategy, hence any help would be appreciated. :-) I ‘ll try to upgrade all the above cards to the max, but this will take some time. Since then, what can I do with my current holdings?
  3. tweetious


    I sent bitcrystals to get item A. In the swapbot I can see the message “Received x BITCRYSTALS from “myaddress” with 0 confirmations.Waiting for 2 confirmations to send x item A.” Due to high bitcoin transaction fees, I set low priority fees when I broadcast the transaction. Hence it might take a couple of days since the transaction got confirmed, and the swapbot send me item A. My question is: If let’s say tomorrow, the ventor of the specific swapbot replace item A, with item B. Will I still receive item A whenever my transaction got confirmed? Is my item reserved, since swapbot "saw" that there is an unconfirmed transaction on the way?
  4. If I own let’s say 0.5 of a card, can I use it in SoG, or do I need to own the 100% of the card in order to be able to use it in the game ? If I need the 100%, (in case of an expensive card), can I buy different portions of the card over time, and only when I finally reach 100% to be able to use it? (I was not sure if I should post this to general or newbie section. Apologies in advance if I choose the wrong section)