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  1. Out of memory

    @WirelessKFC Thanks for letting me know, I update the follow-up for our Development Team on my side
  2. No more stamina ad refill popup?!

    Hi @wachtwoord @Trepanattore Thanks for the details. This is reported, we will dig further. Do not hesitate to let me know if you face anymore issue. Have a nice day
  3. No more stamina ad refill popup?!

    @wachtwoord Weird. Could you please tell me from which platform you are playing? And the OS version of it? Thanks for your follow-up
  4. No more stamina ad refill popup?!

    Hi @Trepanattore & @WirelessKFC Could you please tell more? Does the game read the video and then you do not heave the 5 stamina box, or does not proposed to watch the video? And one important question, what is your system version please? Thanks for your help, we will dig further.
  5. Out of memory

    Hi you 2, Could you please confirm if after deleting your web history and the cache from your Chrome browser, the issue remains ? Thanks for your help, I look forward to hearing from you. @WirelessKFC @whiteheart
  6. Dear Moonga Warriors! Since 2010 when we launched Moonga, we have lived an amazing adventure all together! We imagine that for you Moonga’s been as important as it's been for us. Unfortunately, its performance has been decreasing, unlike Spells of Genesis which is a young game in its beginnings. We are still a small team, and technology has been evolving very quickly these days and that’s why at this moment we are not able to update Moonga to keep it compatible with the latest mobile OS version. For this reason, unfortunately we won't be able to support Moonga anymore. If there are any developers interested in taking over the further development of Moonga, we would be happy to provide you with any possible support and help. You may say that Spells of Genesis, our second project, is more important for us and that we keep working on it, while Moonga has been let fall apart. We can hear you, but we cannot maintain both games. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that we don’t care about Moonga anymore! The world of Moonga where you’ve passed so many great moments keeps going on in Spells of Genesis. The gameplay is definitely different from Moonga, but you will find there the whole realm of Moonga through the cards and characters you know. We would be happy to see you joining Spells of Genesis and to offer you an equivalent of your current Moonga account, tailored for Spells of Genesis. If you are interesetd, please e-mail us (info@everdreamsoft.com). We want to thank you for your overwhelming support you have been given us for so many years and we hope to see you again very soon! The EverdreamSoft Team
  7. Chers guerriers Moonga, Moonga a été lancé en 2010 et vous & nous en avons fait une magnifique et grandiose aventure. C’est notre premier projet, nous savons que vous y tenez particulièrement tout comme nous. Cependant il décroît, contrairement à Spells of Genesis, qui est jeune encore, et notre équipe est toujours réduite. Il nous a donc fallu faire un choix difficile, car bien que nous ayons travaillé d’arrache-pied pour trouver des solutions, nous ne pouvons pas pour le moment réagir dans les délais requis. En effet, la technologie évolue très rapidement aujourd’hui et la possibilité de mettre à jour Moonga pour le rendre compatible avec les prochaines versions OS mobile est difficile à l’heure actuelle, et nous ne pourrons malheureusement plus vous offrir de support. Si parmi vous, des développeurs sont intéressés pour nous aider à reprendre le projet, sachez que nous en serions ravis. Certains diront que notre second projet, Spells of Genesis, en effet est mis plus en avant et mis à jour, mais il faut bien séparer les choses, cela ne signifie pas que nous abandonnons Moonga. Ce n’est qu’une parenthèse, car le monde dans lequel vous avez évolué, continue sur Spells of Genesis. Le gameplay est certes différent, mais vous pouvez y retrouver l’univers complet de Moonga au travers des cartes que vous connaissez si bien. Ainsi, nous vous proposons de nous contacter par e-mail (info@everdreamsoft.com), pour que nous puissions vous proposer un équivalent de votre compte Moonga, adapté pour Spells of Genesis. Nous vous remercions de tout le soutien que vous nous avez apportez depuis tant d’années, et nous espérons vous retrouver très prochainement ! L’équipe EverdreamSoft.
  8. No more stamina ad refill popup?!

    Hello @Trepanattore Could you please tell me if you are talking about the window that is supposed to pop-up after a video? (f5 stamina reward)
  9. HD wallet path for BoO?

    Hi BenRPG, Regarding the "hd wallet path", the passphrase (or seed) used in counterparty won't be compatible with other bitcoin wallets. By login with your passphrase (or seed) to https://wallet.counterwallet.io web wallet, will allow you to see your used addresses. On each address you can press “address actions” and “show private key” then you will be able to import your private key into a BCH wallet. One important point, please care about not importing your pkey (private key) into the wrong wallet or fake wallet. Because lot of fake bcash wallets are trying to trick users. Thanks
  10. Hello @Amitabha I had a look and the account Cobra was ranked 51 into the last Leaderboard.
  11. Out of memory

    Hello @whiteheart Thanks for reporting us this issue. Did you try to first remove the cache, cookies and temporary files from your internet browser? Please let me know if it helps, I look forward to hearing from you. Have a nice day
  12. Hello @wachtwoord I just had a look and found that you received your blockchain card If not, do not hesitate to let us know. Have a nice game ^^
  13. Hi there, The situation is now fixed. All concerned players had been contacted. Thanks again for your patience, help and understanding. Have a nice game!
  14. Hello Phanpp, We removed the wrong amount of gold given, and send the right one. Few players are now with a negative balance of gold into their account (because they spent all of them before we sent the good reward). We are working on finding a solution for all of them. Thanks for your understanding, we are really sorry for the inconvenience. Have a nice day