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  1. eds_Yzia

    Where can I get BCY

    Hi there, Bitcrystals is now listed on the exchange Alterdice. More infos here : https://bitcrystals.com/breaking-news-bitcrystals-listed-on-alterdice-exchange/ Have a nice day and game
  2. Hi @BenRPG Thanks for your message. The link is not the correct one, we will change this, thanks for the report. I am sorry to hear that you're leaving us but anyway, the termas and privacy links are into the footer of the website. Here are the links : https://everdreamsoft.com/terms.php https://everdreamsoft.com/privacypolicy.php You are of course allowed to sell your blockchain cards on the market, but not your account Spells of Genesis. Thanks for your understanding, please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions. Best Regards
  3. eds_Yzia

    April PVP Leader not running/calculated?

    Hi @Bigfishhead The leaderboard should load now, do you still face the issue please? If yes, then could you please send me a screenshot? Thanks a lot have a nice game !
  4. eds_Yzia

    No more monthly campaign?

    Hi there, We are currently working on this to evaluate if it's possible to create new monthly campaign or do something with it. About monthly leaderboard, this feature will not be removed. Thanks for your understanding, have a great day
  5. eds_Yzia


    Bonjour Fourcadegui, Merci pour ton message. J'ai retiré ta capture d'écran car ton adresse e-mail était visible. Je viens de vérifier, la carte devrait normalement être présente dans ta collection. Je t'envoie un message privé pour plus de détails. Merci
  6. Hi @Vincam Book of Orbs app is not anymore available for iOS. But you could use the web version or take Casa Tookan app which is available. The android app Book of Orbs is available too yes, same as Casa Tookan, and the webapp too. Please let me know if you need further informations thanks !
  7. A table! Campaign will be removed in few days when the february campaign will be released. So do not forget to get your gummyyummy cards
  8. Hi @Vincam I just test the android mobile version on my side, and I do not see any issue with the market. Did you try to make a full new installation please? To correctly uninstall your app, please go to the app management menu and uninstall it, it will remove the cache. If it does not help, please send me screenshots to the email address info@everdreamsoft.com Many thanks, I look forward to hearing from you
  9. Hi, You could do it directly with Book of Orbs, else you can use the counterparty Dex too, but it's less used. You will find here few documentation about Book of Orbs : https://bitcrystals.com/documentation/ Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have futher questions @Vincam
  10. Hi @Vincam Thanks for your message. The swapbot if offline, they are working on a new tool. So unfortunately the merchants are not anymore available. If you are looking for some specific cards, please do not hesitate to send me a message directly. Furthermore, you also could add some buy order into Book of Orbs. On our side we are trying to find a new tool to be able to sell directly specific cards like the merchants in the past and bitcrystals too. So do not hesitate to follow our news to be updated about this. Thanks a lot for your patience and understanding, do not hesitate to get back to me if you have any further questions. Have a nice day and game !
  11. eds_Yzia

    Counterparty maintenance and update

    Hi there, Everything should work fine now ! Thanks again for all your patience. If you face any issue please do not hesitate to let us know. Thank you
  12. eds_Yzia

    Water cards not protected by Shields?

    Hi there, This issue should be fixed. So please do not hesitate to let us know if you face it again. Thank you again for all your reports
  13. eds_Yzia

    Counterparty maintenance and update

    All card reward for December leaderboard are now send ! Sorry for this delay. We are still working on the update, our dev team is doing its best to fix this as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience
  14. eds_Yzia

    Counterparty maintenance and update

    Hi @Shorty1315 I am waiting dev news about the update, so I can't really tell you any eta. I will do a message there as soon as it's done.
  15. eds_Yzia

    Victory bonus is not added

    Hi there, Many thanks for all your helpful reports. This issue is under investigation by our dev team. I will get back to you as soon as I have more informations. Thank you again for all your help