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  1. Out of memory

    Hello there, The Web version of Spells of Genesis has been updated to 1.2.8 yesterday. The issue "Out of memory" should be solved, so if you are still facing it or any other issue, please do not hesitate to let us know Thanks a lot for all your feedback.
  2. Hello @ptaczek I was just about to update the forum message about the new version. I also see this difference, but for me I prefer this one (this is only my player feeling). Could you please let me know your browser version, because I am not sure this is the same for everyone (Chrome, Firefox etc). Did you also try to refresh the cache by clicking on CTRL + F5? Thanks for your report, I look forward to hearing from you Note : I just merge your 2 posts.
  3. Raid PvP 'hack'

    Hi @Unotdog25 About the Ge rank, I just send you a PM. This is also reported here. Thanks
  4. Unkown error

    Hi, I split the topic for more visibility. About the block screen, please have a look here and about the success window, I create this topic. Thank you
  5. 1.2.8 black screen

    Hello @Argo I just merge your message here. This is under investigation on our side. Please do not hesitate to let us know when it happens + your OS and game version when you report a bug, this is really helpful Thanks, have a nice day !
  6. Succes and quest window are empty

    Thanks for your reply. Do you remember of you completed all the first campaign? Or switch off the tutorial when you started?
  7. Succes and quest window are empty

    Hi @Zzzaaakkk Many thanks for your report. This is a bug we already saw, we are suspecting this is linked to the tutorial, but we are still investigating it. This is not related to the last release, could you please confirm that you faced this issue before the last update? Furthermore, could you please tell me what is your OS version? Thanks for your help, I look forward to hearing from you.
  8. Hi @jesuscirino Thanks a lot for your message and interest ! I am really happy I reply to the message you sent to me last night on discord, please let me know when you will have few time to discuss. Talk to you soon ^^
  9. 1.2.8 black screen

    Hi @Windblaze Many thanks for all these details. We are currently investigating, as soon as we have more information, we will let you know. Have a nice day Thank you again !
  10. Any update soon?

    Hi @Windblaze, The version 1.2.8 has been just released yesterday Please find the news on our blog here.
  11. Raid PvP 'hack'

    Hello @Unotdog25 Many thanks for your report. Our development team will proceed to some test in order to reproduce it and plan a fix. I will get back to you if we need more information, but your message is really helpful. Thank you again, have a nice day
  12. Devs broke something

    Hello @Windblaze Thanks a lot for your report. Our dev team is informed and they are working on it. This bug is linked to the other one you reported to us here. We are really sorry for the inconvenience, could you please tell us more about this bug? We will try to reproduce it. Did you remember when it happens? And which steps / actions you did previously before facing the issue? Thanks a lot for your help, I look forward to hearing from you
  13. PAX

    Hi @Overtime You are talking about this event? (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PAX_(event)) It could be interesting yes After that, the PGW was focused on new games of the big industries, but new innovations were not really exposed. Clearly too much people To access a game, you had to wait more than 1 hour to be able to try it 5 minutes. The convention was focused a lot on the esport too, the stars invited were the known streamers and youtubers. One of our french radio was also here to organize and comment. At the Gameone (TV) stand, a Dragon Ball tournament was organized and commented. So lot of competitions ! But I also see some nice events too, for example at the Square Enix place, you could see the director Naoki Yoshida playing to fight a raid boss, with 20 people It was not bad but i was disappointed by the event ... too much people and merchandising, and one last point, not enough goodies for the players ^^ and we all like goodies
  14. The news is on our blog, please visit this page to find all the rewards planned for November leaderboard : https://blog.spellsofgenesis.com/monthly-leaderboard/ Have a good game !
  15. voting on trello cards?!

    Thank you all for your report. We will have a look into this, I will give you more news as soon as I have more information on my side.