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  1. eds_Yzia


    Hi @trebormag Many thanks for all this helpful report. I forward it to our Dev team and I will get back to you if they need more information. Thanks again ! Have a nice weekend
  2. eds_Yzia

    BoO 2 cards not recognized

    Hi there, This issue is known on our side, the team is already working on it, but it will take few time before fixing it. These two cards exist on the blockchain and in game, they are just not visible into Book of Orbs, which is the issue. Thanks for your understanding, I will get back to your as soon as I have more information on my side. Have a nice game and weekend
  3. eds_Yzia

    Raid loss points subtracted twice

    Hi @trebormag I forward your message to the team to confirm if it's a bug or intended. I will get back to you as soon as I have more information on my side. Thanks a lot for your helpful report
  4. Hi @wachtwoord , Did you check the spambox please? Telegram link : https://t.me/OfficialBitcrystals Discord link : https://discord.gg/rYxqmrM Please let me know if you need further help with the ETHERMAGE card. thanks
  5. eds_Yzia

    Water cards not protected by Shields?

    Hi @NimbleBodhi Thanks, I will try to keep an eye on that when I will play !
  6. Hi @trebormag Here is a message we posted on telegram and discord. How to claim your ETHERMAGE card? Open Casa Tookan and go to the news tab. Then open the news related to the Ethermage card, and it will open a menu to claim it. If it does not appear into your news tab, please check the read menu. If you face any issue regarding the claim, please open through Casa Tookan your internet browser and copy / paste this link: https://claim.bitcrystals.com/?campaign=ethermage Then it should work correctly - Anyway if you need any further help, please send us a message on telegram or discord. Thanks a lot, have a nice day !
  7. eds_Yzia

    Problème de blockchainisation

    Bonjour @krueg1967 J'ai reporté à l'équipe dev le souci pour la carte Alrik qui n'apparaît pas dans Book of Orbs, ils vont regarder ça. Concernant ETHERMAGE, est-ce que tu as bien ouvert la news et entré ensuite ton adresse email s'il te plaît? En suivant ces étapes, tu dois recevoir un e-mail (il faut vérifier les spams au cas où), qui te donne un code-coupon à entrer ensuite dans Casa Tookan. Du coup est-ce que tu as réalisé déjà toutes ces étapes s'il te plaît? Merci, j'attends ton retour, et concernant la carte Alrik, je reviens vers toi dès que j'ai plus d'informalions de mon côté. Bonne journée et merci encore pour ton suivi
  8. eds_Yzia

    Problème de blockchainisation

    Bonjour @krueg1967 Si ton message n'apparaissait pas, c'est juste qu'il était en attente de validation. Le souci a bien été pris en compte par notre équipe dev qui travaillait dessus depuis plusieurs jours. Normalement tout devrait être revenu en ordre, est-ce tu pourrais me le confirmer s'il te plaît? Merci d'avance, et désolée encore pour ce désagrément ! PS : je me suis permise de regrouper tes messages
  9. eds_Yzia

    December Leaderboard?

    The ETHERMAGE card should be send later this week, and the new campaign will be announced soon @Burning
  10. eds_Yzia

    no rewards from the adverts

    Hi @majorblunt If the game proposes you to watch a video, and you do, then 5 stamina points are refilled to your endurance. Are you correctly talking about this please? If yes, could you please tell me more about your issue, for example, what is the version of the game installed on your mobile, and what is also your OS (iOS, Android? What version?). Many thanks, I look forward to hearing from you.
  11. eds_Yzia

    December Leaderboard?

    Hi there, We are really sorry for the delay. December leaderboard is now correctly online, unfortunately the last december days before we fixed the issue are not included into it. Thanks a lot for all your help and understanding. Have a nice day and game, good luck for December leaderboard
  12. eds_Yzia

    Linking wallet error

    Hi @VvLkan0 We are really sorry for this inconvenience. This issue is still underwork by our dev team unfortunately. By the way, to link you wallet, please use our website here : https://spellsofgenesis.com/index.php?action=login Then click on the menu to link an XCP address and enter your public wallet address. Your wallet should be correctly linked after that, you won't need to it again through the game menu. Please do not hesitate to let me know if you need any further help with this process Thanks for your understanding, have a nice game !
  13. eds_Yzia

    1.2.18 - crystallize = 0

    Hi @trebormag Many thanks for this news ! Glad to hear that Thank you again for your help and follow-up !
  14. eds_Yzia

    Error when switching cards on the deck

    Hi @trebormag It could be related to a connectivity issue yes. But anyway, please do not hesitate to keep me update when you will do more tests. Many thanks again for all your helpful reports !
  15. eds_Yzia

    BookOfOrbs no "Sell High" Orders displayed

    Hi @trebormag Glad to hear that it's fine now. I have no idea (you did the unique report about this), but if it occurs again, please do not hesitate to get back here and post again. Many thanks