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  1. Your Opinion Counts!

    Hi^^ We are pleased to show you the results here: https://blog.spellsofgenesis.com/opinion-counts-satisfaction-survey-results/ Have a nice day
  2. Hi everyone, We have good news, all blockchainization since few days are all correctly working. Thanks a lot for all your helpful reports! If you are facing an new issue with a new blockchainization, please let us know, we will dig further ! About the past blockchainizations that did not correctly work, we are still working on them, and you should correctly get your blockchainized cards soon. Thanks again for all your help, do not hesitate to let us know if you have any further issues.
  3. Hello there, A small reminder, the rewards for January are posted on our blog here : https://blog.spellsofgenesis.com/monthly-leaderboard/ Have a nice day and game!
  4. transaction

    Hi @kaankoyuncu7 What do you mean please? You did a transaction and it's correctly completed. your bitcrystals are correctly now into the destination wallet 1CaY93FnuXzZwegpwsNwNPzfdgnyzeDofU (please click on this link, you will see your bitcrystals) So I do not understand your problem ... if you are not able to see them, perhaps this is just the wallet app you are using, it happens when your wallet app does not manage counterparty data. Then please just try with another one like Indiesquare, Book of Orbs, or the website couterwallet.io, you will be able to find your bitcrystals. I advise you to contact your wallet manager app support to report them your issue. Thanks, have a nice day.
  5. transaction

    Hi, Please find the transaction details here. Then you will see the bitcrystals into the xchain wallet explorer. If you are not able to find your bitcrystals into your wallet, please try to connect to your wallet with a counterparty app like counterparty.io, Indiesquare or Book of Orbs. I look forward to hearing from you, have a nice day :)
  6. Hi @xoza1n I just merge your topic here. We are sorry about this inconvenience, our Dev Team is still working on it. Thanks for your understanding.
  7. transaction

    Hi @kaankoyuncu7 We can see into that the transaction has been completed. So you should not see any issue now with it, but please do not hesitate to let me know if you have further questions. Thanks, the best for 2018!
  8. Cant download BoO from iOS App store

    Hi @sirfoxey Book of Orbs is not anymore available into the AppStore. You have to download the indiesquare app to replace it. We are sorry about this inconvenience, have a nice day.
  9. Bittrex issue

    Hi @freireg I just merge your topic with this one. I think it could be linked to the bitcoins mempool, but the best is to contact directly bittrex. Thanks for your understanding, the best for 2018!
  10. Your Opinion Counts!

    Hi you 2, It's the survey has been sent only by email on the 20th of December. The email had the title "Your Opinion Counts!".
  11. Bittrex issue

    Hi @ammarkh14 Thanks for your message. Unfortunately we can't help with this transaction, please contact directly bittrex and poloniex. You can create a support ticket through their website. Thanks for your understanding, the best for 2018!
  12. Blockchainization is now Live!

    I have it @BenRPG @eKyNoX I just send it to you
  13. Rank opponents

    Hi @rawlog Thanks for reporting us this. Our development team has been informed about the fact that you can face some raid opponent really low level compare to your. But this is not linked to the fact that you reach the Ge rank, it could happen even if you are rank 7,8 or 9 as example. The best for 2018!
  14. No ads video for stamina

    Thank you for your reply. I did some tests yesterday on my Android, and I had the video twice. But my Android version is 6.0.3. Anyway, I report this and will do more tests Thanks !
  15. Blockchainized Cards and Other Issues

    Hi @EverydayEarth We are really sorry for the inconvenience. About the blockchainization, it's still underwork on our side, unfortunately this issue is not so easy to fix. But this is a priority for our development team. I invite your to follow this post into our forum, as soon as we will have more, we will post more news. About the leaderboard rewards, you have to know that golds are automatically sent by our system. The blockchain cards are sent manually and like all blockchain transactions, it could take few times. All cards have been already sent, so you should received your into few days. About the survey, like written into the email you received : "The survey will be active until January 3rd. The rewards will be distributed afterwards." Thanks for your understanding, have a nice day and game. The best for 2018!