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  1. Blockchain Card Price History

    @KingSlamma That is very kind of you! Thank you very much! My Counterparty enabled BTC address is 1PuAVtWkqAEUH3PsWeLD1sDB9XYu3NBppd. I like BTC, XCP, BCY, or rustbits. I may add the donation address to the bottom of the website when I push the next site update.
  2. Blockchain Card Price History

    In-game legendary blockchain cards are now listed on the site: CARNIATHCREA, HEAVENLYSHEP, TRANSCENDEN, TRIDENTQUEEN, DARKAODH, SLASHINGCRIR. Enjoy
  3. Blockchain Card Price History

    @phanpp Thank you! I am not sure what you mean by that, could you give me an example maybe? The website gets all its data from a counterparty server -- I am only displaying trades within the last 90 days though.
  4. Blockchain Card Price History

    Hi @joeychips, right now the site only lists cards created on the blockchain, not in-game cards that can be blockchainized -- I will have to take a look and see how frequently those are being traded (e.g. Heavenly Shepherd), I agree that they should be included as well. Thank you for your kind words!
  5. Blockchain Card Price History

    @joeychips You're welcome -- I am glad you enjoy using it. Some exciting news to all: new feature coming soon! You will be able to see the estimated value of your card collection when you enter a wallet address (the value of each card is calculated from recent trades). Also I made a twitter account to post website updates here: https://twitter.com/xcpcards
  6. Blockchain Card Price History

    Hi everyone - there's a new version of the website! I moved the url to http://xcp.cards because the website now also includes information for the blockchain game called Age of Rust. Here are some cool futures in the new version: - See which SOG cards you own (read only wallet functionality) - Recent trades page for all cards - all of the latest DeX SOG trades in an easy to read format Please let me know what you think of the latest release
  7. Blockchain Card Price History

    Just shipped a big update hope you all enjoy it! The new graphs look best on desktop screen size but I'm working on making them look a little nicer on mobile. Here's what's new: 1. Dynamic graphs: choose between 6 currencies for display hover over on a trade to see conversion to different cryptocurrencies 2. Open buy and sell order information for the card Feedback helps me make the site better - so thanks again for everyone's advice so far Here's what I'd like to do in the future: build out wallet functionality - so you can buy and sell your card on the DeX after looking at the charts localization - (since many of the visitors to the page are located in Japan!) improve how the page looks on mobile What would you like to see next?
  8. Blockchain Card Price History

    Thanks for the feedback, @BenRPG! More currency support is on the pipeline. Here's what's planned so far: 1. See recent trades in different currencies by hovering over the price on the table (eta: ~ 1 week) 2. Make graphs dynamic -- then users can change currency with a drop down (eta: in the next month or so). Also in response to your comment earlier about SATOSHICARD prices, I'd be curious to see how trading volume on those cards has changed recently as well (SATOSHICARD and a couple of other expensive cards will be playable in a new game called Age of Rust - not released yet).
  9. Blockchain Card Price History

    Hi again everyone, the new website is up! The url has changed - it is now sogdb.com. Again, feedback is always appreciated. I tried to implement the best I could all the feedback I received on the forum here. Hope it is useful to everyone! And be patient with me if there are any bugs, I'm still very new at this whole web dev thing
  10. Blockchain Card Price History

    Hi @BenRPG, sorry about that. I'll get it fixed tomorrow - with some good news, a new version of the site with some of the info you and other forum users have been requesting! What's to come: last trades for a card, complete levels data with linking to each card as a separate page. I'll update you tomorrow when it's out...
  11. Blockchain Card Price History

    Hi Ben, Thanks for the feedback - yes, all prices were converted at the exchange rate based on the time of the trade (using historical exchange data).
  12. Blockchain Card Price History

    Hi Robert, Here's how I built it. Let me know if you have more questions Web dev: some very basic html, javascript, and bootstrap css for formatting I used R for all the data analysis with ggplot2 to make the graphs, and then some bash scripting to ping the API's every day and get new data. Data sources: Counterparty API - I used a public development server run by Coindaddy to query (link here) bitcoinaverage.com for Bitcoin prices poloniex for BCY/BTC conversion average block time to approximate time intervals from bitcoinity.com
  13. Blockchain Card Price History

    Hi everyone, I built a website that tracks the historical prices of all of the SoG blockchain cards and want to share with the community here Updated: new website URL: sogdb.com I hope it can help people identify fair prices for blockchain cards. The site is still a work in progress and I appreciate all feedback - I will address all feedback and questions. p.s. let me know if this is the wrong subforum for this topic and I can delete the post.