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  1. @eds_Yzia are you working on adding more BC cards to moonga? Also could you make the first mover disadvantage random instead of the first to push the "Online Match" advantage. That would be great. Please please please add more BC cards!
  2. About Counterparty transactions

    EDS could always make a new card, new design, new stats and start the cycle over again with that card. Unhindered inflation of cards should be avoided at all cost. It will drive down prices and interest as it devalues peoples time spent in game. An ad hoc limit to how many card you could blockchainize is as sexy as standing a whole day in line to buy a loaf of bread.
  3. About Counterparty transactions

    There will be probably limitation on how many cards a user can blockchainize per timeframe. This sounds like a bad concept. I mean why? If you want to limit oversupply on the market for a card, just put a capacity limit that say how many cards could be blockchainalized of that specific card. First-come, first-served. You can even make the droprate go down over time for that specific card when nearing the capacity limit. Something like the programmed inflation of bitcoin.
  4. Level down button

    Suggestion: An option to level down both Blockchain cards and common cards. Maybe add some small taxation on leveling down gains to hamper fungibility.
  5. New player frustration

    @Shaban any good reason why the well known "new player frustration" wasn't addressed pre- global launch?
  6. @Shaban Where did they go? Are they coming back? Could you guys at EDS add more of them?
  7. No fading boxes

    Boxes shouldn't fade away - they should shatter into a million pieces and if you hit many in a combo the screen should shake. More action and destruction please! And we need dynamite objects that blows whole areas clean of junk when hit ASAP.
  8. Shadows

    After working years with debunking the moon landing i have now landed on spells of genesis. /s I think the problem here is fixed drop shadows on objects. The problem is more telling in combination with other objects like squared boxes. Unfortunately i don't have a picture of that. There is also objects that lacks shadows like round objects. Suggestion: general lightning instead of pre-rendered shadows.
  9. Global Launch - hold it!

    I was talking about the trend and the link also included this gem: https://coin.dance/blocks/historical The minority chain is dead in the water if we fork with 75-80 % of the hashrate as intended. Bitcoin isn't Ethereum you know? Ethereum has difficulty re-target every block - Bitcoin every 2016 blocks. Time between blocks on the minority chain is going to be around one hour X 2016 blocks = probably not going to happen due to the immense cost. Keynesian economics is an top down approach to economics. A market driven approach to dealing with blocksize is bottom up. Bitcoin has been a wonderful store of value without blocks being full if you look at empirical data. There is actually no need to steer the market with an ad hoc limit that forces people to save or removes peoples savings from them because the transaction fee exceeds there balances. You have the economics a bit skewed regarding Segwit as well but i'm not going to go into this because with a 95% activation threshold is clearly not on the table right now. Segwit could be something for another crypto to adopt first but it's so controversial that no other crypto seem willing to implement it. Now provide me with an A priori explanation of the Ad Hoc 1 mb limit? Until you provide me with scientific explanation behind the 1 mb limit then I'm not going to spend more time on you either mr Segwit. Bye and take care!
  10. Global Launch - hold it!

    Thank you @BBristow79 for trying to be a sane voice in all this. I have perfect confident in the market to solve this and by how fast this progress; it looks like we are going to have bigger blocks soon (https://coin.dance/blocks). This is of course the best near- to midterm solution for Spells of Genesis. My suggestion was to wait for this event to pass and focus on improving the game instead.
  11. Infinity = 200

    Or some kind of level system where you can choose you level accordingly and get increasingly rewarded so it don't make much sense to start at a lower level then your skill. I can win start @ 0 Bring it on start @ 25 Hurt me plenty start @ 50 Hardcore start @ 100 TheJesus start @ 200
  12. Infinity = 200

    @Shaban can you make it less of an endurance race as well. The increase in difficulty need to be steeper.
  13. Global Launch - hold it!

    @Segwit My original intent was to explain why a card maket under the current ridiculous artificial fee pressure is not happening today and will not happen after launch of the game. I'm not really interested in a block size debate. If you have a PDF where the scientific merits behind the Ad Hoc artificial 1 mb limit is dealt with a priori then please share it. I have been looking everywhere for it. And if you can't back up your claim then you are just one of those who don't make economic sense to me. A Keynesian to you is someone that askes for a market driven blocksize? Well that makes as much sense as your other opinions.
  14. Leveling Bug

    Game version number (1.0.6) Channel (web browser) Device/browser and Operating System (Ubuntu) Description; Got this bug after leveling Kingdom of Water Court to last evolution. Maybe i clicked on too many times.