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  1. Awesome! Another really great aspect of implementing Counterparty Cash, apart from fees, would be that card trades could be near instant. Instead of waiting around days for a purses to confirm as it is now. Spells of genesis could, with Counterparty Cash, accept zero confirmation as a valid transaction. There is no need to wait around for first confirmation because the probability of the transaction confirming is nearly guaranteed and the Replaced by Fee concept is removed in Cash. So as soon as you hit the buy button in Book of Orb, boooom you can play the card in SoG... just think about that experience for the user!!!
  2. @Nicolas Sierro 1)a sure seems like the best option so far. Both Counterparty- and the Spells of Genesis project seems to suffer tremendously under the current situation. Please try to reach out to the Counterparty team and talk to them.
  3. Litecoin is "digital silver" and ruled by another small blocker (Samson Mow) and has a relatively small user base, why risk that road again? Ethereum i don't know, worse scaling properties and fees right now? Lightning... who knows? It's a cool tech but I don't even know if locking up funds in channels are going to be a thing? It need to be tested in the wild first. It probably has it's use cases and will be implemented in Bitcoin Cash as well. Agree, i hope EDS make a change in the coming future.
  4. Is that an argument? If valuable but crippled projects like SOG move over to benefit from Bitcoin Cashs fungibility then both project will have a great future. And we are just making you a favor, I mean why waste Bitcoin Cors holy 1,05 mb floppy disk space on "prove to be uneconomic and less important use cases - wachtwoord"? Bitcoin Core is now "digital gold" or whatever... for everything else there is Bitcoin Cash, may the best Bitcoin win!
  5. It would be really nice to be able to click on player names and see game statistic, cards in inventory and so on. Something like this: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/ragnaros/armory
  6. I don't think laziness is the problem. The fee madness is eating everyone's lunch right now and i'm sure they recognize this issue. The problem has probably more to do with Counterparty i guess. If Counterparty would be implemented into Bitcoin Cash, it's coming, I would have no doubt that they would consider changing blockchain and we would see a thriving card economy as a result.
  7. Rewards for making contributions and improvements either through reporting bugs(bug bounty) or through making suggestions that make it to production of Spells of Genesis . I don't know you guys have something like this right now? Please be more outspoken about it if you do, and if you don't, could you please consider it? Because it would be good way to make community more engaged in a progressive development of the game.
  8. Hello @Jasper Damman Sorry but I don't see the need to remove single player focused features or the asynchronous pvp features, they are not at all mutually exclusive with real multiplayer PvP? And i really missed a PvE feature in Moonga. I think PvE and PvP are a perfect match, WoW wouldn't have been such a success if it didn't have both elements. I could imagine that a PvP feature in SoG actually would keep people playing rather then logging off. I do agree that fair matchmaking could be a problem, but it could be solved with different leagues depending on what kinds of cards you have in your deck. If you have a deck with all common cards or all legendary could put you in a different league, much like a football team in a football league. I have never played Clash of Clans but i believe that a Moonga style pvp would be even less demanding for a distract-less environment then regular SoG PvE game play.
  9. @Jasper Damman Yes, everyone i have talked to seems to think synchronous/real time multiplayer like Moonga in SoG would be a really neat idea. Obviously this is a huge request of you guys, but think about it. Bringing real time multiplayer mode to SoG could bring lots of value to the game and add value to a broader range of cards, cards that hold little value today. And i personally like the idea to grind cards in regular PvE to use in a hot-upped PvP arena - moonga style.
  10. Hi @TeknoRapture Thanks for the bump. Good idea indeed. @Jasper Damman I'm trying to find news about future game releases, a road map of what to look forward to or a life sign that you guys are alive? What is happening with SoG?
  11. Now that you are closing down Moonga :(. Would you consider adding a hot-upped version of moonga as a multiplayer mode in Spells of Genesis? This would actually make a tone of sense. Imagine grinding cards in regular SoG to use in the moonga style pvp mode. This could add more value to a broader range of cards and a PvP mode would add a lot of value to SoG.
  12. EDS could always make a new card, new design, new stats and start the cycle over again with that card. Unhindered inflation of cards should be avoided at all cost. It will drive down prices and interest as it devalues peoples time spent in game. An ad hoc limit to how many card you could blockchainize is as sexy as standing a whole day in line to buy a loaf of bread.
  13. There will be probably limitation on how many cards a user can blockchainize per timeframe. This sounds like a bad concept. I mean why? If you want to limit oversupply on the market for a card, just put a capacity limit that say how many cards could be blockchainalized of that specific card. First-come, first-served. You can even make the droprate go down over time for that specific card when nearing the capacity limit. Something like the programmed inflation of bitcoin.
  14. Suggestion: An option to level down both Blockchain cards and common cards. Maybe add some small taxation on leveling down gains to hamper fungibility.
  15. @Shaban any good reason why the well known "new player frustration" wasn't addressed pre- global launch?
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