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  1. Kojisan

    Book of Orbs Not Loading

    Hi, can you tell me your Counterparty address and we'll take a look. you can reply to this or DM me, thanks!
  2. Kojisan

    Project ORB update

    Okay answering some other questions on slcak etc 1. It's possible we are giving away extra WILLCOIN per card and/or burning more cards. 2. We are planning to sell extra WILLCOIN(in short, extra Season 1 cards) for the use in the SaruTobi game and possibly other titles in the future. Addition of titles using FoW tokens other than the Battle Simulator will bring more utility to FoW tokens and that's what we are aiming to do. In order to achieve that, I think getting more cards out there will help the cause. However, considering other options and users feedback, we may decide not to sell any more WILLCOINs in the future. 3. As stated at the sale, neither WILLCOIN nor FoW cards are supposed to be speculative. The cards were to be used in the Battle Simulator and now will be available in SaruTobi and etc.Although we will continue to utilize FoW tokens and push things forward, I hope everyone understands the tokens are simply game items after all(the same goes for SoG, Augmentors etc too and the game creators cannot be responsible for speculative value of tokens)
  3. Kojisan

    Project ORB update

    Thanks for the suggestion. We'll consider all other options too but personally selling more tokens as the exchange currency alone will not make a lot of sense as there are other tokens such as XCP users can trade those cards with. But reserving some cards for future collaborators might be a good idea. We are considering different options and maybe a combination of additional burning and distribution of extra WILLCOIN to early purchasers and so on.
  4. Kojisan

    Project ORB update

    Questions on slack 1 Will you cut supply or at least reserve supply for possible collaborations? 2 Are you planning on a willcoin sale for platform currency or are you trying to sell out supply. 3. Please consider that many of us spent BTC that could have appreciated but instead were lead down a confusing road we are on... 1. We are considering cutting supply further now and reserving some cards for future collaborations is also a possibility too. The main point is to aim to maintain and expand utility for these tokens and we'll consider any proposals that achieve this goal. 2. Not sure if I understand the question completely. The additional sale is for those who wish to buy more FoW cards for the use on the Battle Simulator, the coming SaruTobi Island game and potentially future collaborations. Also some can gram extra WILLCOIN as the trading currency on BoO. As explained in the point 1, cutting supply is a possibility but at the same time, the more people own FoW cards, the more network effect and motivation to use those tokens for third party devs. We aim to strike the right balance obviously. 3. This was disappointing for us too especially considering we had built the system already as mentioned in the previous updates and we designed the whole thing based on the initial distribution plan. This was not necessarily directly related to ORB in a way but more FoW prioritizing other faucets of their own business unfortunately. That being said, as stated on the WILLCOIN sale details, Neither FoW cards nor WILLCOIN was supposed to be speculative and they were intended to be used on the Battle Simulator mainly and this still holds today and in the future. Also, we are aiming to add more use cases to those Season 1 FoW cards and those cards being open to third party developers might actually turn out to be better for everyone in the long term rather than FoW trying to build everything on their own. Either way, we are committed to continue working with FoW card holders and as we have more successes and better traction as a whole, there is still a possibility FoW considering a future collaboration again and that's my hope too. We really appreciate your support and understanding and please feel free to ask any other questions.
  5. Kojisan

    Project ORB update

    Here is the update on the FoW situation. I will try to answer as many questions as possible on this forum(so that others can see the answers too) https://medium.com/book-of-orbs/project-orb-update-apr-13th-4d6351420743
  6. Kojisan

    Project ORB update

    We are likely making an update on it next week. Stay tuned.
  7. Kojisan

    Project ORB update

    We will post Project Updates here. You can ask questions or make comments about updates here. The first one is our recent update on the SoG launch and BoO development plan https://medium.com/book-of-orbs/project-orb-update-mar-30th-2017-ea91a083df12
  8. Hey Eddy, Thanks for the posts describing some difficulties getting started and collecting cards. I agree the whole Counterparty stuff on top of already confusing Bitcoin rituals are not very user friendly yet. We have been addressing these issues with each update on BoO and it's come a long way since the initial app launch in last Sep, I'd say. But still there is a lot we need to work on. The next important milestone for us and SoG collectively is to make the whole process much more intuitive for beginners(maybe not totally new to the Bitcoin space but new to SoG and BoO at least). The points of improvement include 1. Better tutorials on BoO how trading, sending on blockchian work 2. Better tutorial on SoG(how they can connect BoO with SoG and receive cards etc) 3. Push notifications on BoO when new SoG cards have been released. There are obviously more to do but those are some of the high priorities for the team. Hope it helps
  9. Sorry about the wait. I am going to contact the winners individually right now. Also the latest BoO build was released this week and the custom tx fee feature was added! This was one of the most asked features from this campaign too, so we added it pretty quickly. Thanks all for great feedback and lucky winners. We'll have another similar campaign in the future too. https://medium.com/book-of-orbs/book-of-orbs-update-mar-15th-2017-fdc60023ecee#.fjk5yvp7p
  10. We could add ShapeShift or something(assuming they work as advertised of course...) but eventually what will be more ideal may be that you play some kind of games and get some in game assets then you can sell them for BCY for example. For a lot of newbies, buying btc, bcy,XCP etc is a lot of hurdles without a doubt.
  11. Hi thanks for all who have posted feedback here. I have already read all your posts and appreciate the general support and enthusiasm. I am going to choose 10 most helpful answers and give them a 1bronze diecast token(not to discount other answers but there is only a limited number of prizes for this one) To answer some of the more common requests, 1. Custom transaction fee We have actually acted quickly and now you can set a custom fee along with the existent three priority modes on BoO! The latest Android ver already supports this feature and the iOS update is coming in a couple of days too. Hope this helps. 2. Card vs card trading or card vs btc(or more currencies) trading So card vs card trading is already possible(i.e. trading 1 SARUTOBICARD with 10 SARUTOBIPEPE) but providing an interface for all those combinations can be messy(I really don't like Counterwallet's Dex UI for this reason) and also, card vs card orders will be less likely to be matched by others compared to card vs bridge currency(XCP, BCY, etc) trades. I def see a point and some benefits enabling this feature but for now we are sticking with card vs some kind of currencies trading. Hope this makes sense. As for card vs btc trading, I'd love this. But due to technical limitations, we cannot really do btc vs card decentralized trading on Counterparty yet. Something I personally desire too. Also, allowing a btc purchase directly on BoO is a minor possibility but it may come with extra regulatory and compliance cost and we are staying away from this feature for now and focusing on token to token decentralized trading. 3. The app optimization Especially the android app was a bit laggy. We have optimized the app further and the latest ver should be moving much more smoothly especially when you are sliding up and down the list. Thanks!
  12. Kojisan

    New forum for Project ORB

    This is great. Thanks for doing this for other users. It's actually intentional. If you own the card, it will be shown in full color. This is the same for the collection page when you choose "All Orbs" tab.(What you own will show more vividly while cards you don't own appear fuzzy) 2) Does the Book of Orbs come in a PC version? What is needed to run it? ⇒No, I DMed you about this already but there is no PC ver currently and we are mobile focused at this point. (A web version is def a possibility though) But actually, we are planning to overhaul the market page design soon and it will look significantly different in the near future.
  13. Kojisan


  14. Thanks for great answers so far everyone. Just a little headsup, I have opened the same topic in Japanese and we'll use the same pot of max 10 Diecast tokens for this campaign. We appreciate any feedback but for this one, we're going to choose 10 most useful and concrete responses as winners. (We count any extra comments and suggestions too!)
  15. As the first Diecast token "quest", we give out a total of 10 bronze tokens to best answers to the following questions. The deadline is March 10th. (We'll try our best to choose best answers but not all of answers get the prize. Although we appreciate any feedback from our users, please be understandable even if you don't get anything(and we are going to have more "quests" in the future on this forum)) ・How you use BoO(which environments, how often, how many trades etc..) ・What you like about BoO(Where we are doing well) ・What you don't like about BoO(Where we can improve) ・Feature requests(if any) Thank you in advance and look forward to hearing what you guys think!