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  1. News about blog is great ! PS. This is 1000th post in general discussion
  2. So what we have here? Lol , You are whining again as well as when GPiston made the whole leaderboard. Even now I know at least two ways of hacking the game, so relax and let them search for bugs)
  3. Well done, team! PS - if you need some help in localisation for russian/ukrainian languages, PM me
  4. Game version number (1.0.5) Channel (Android .apk file (without in-app purchases) Device/browser and Operating System (Meizu M3 (running FlyOS 5.11), same at Asus MemoPad7, running Android 4.2.2) When you turn on the music in any application (such soundcloud), passing in the window spells of genesis, the volume is reduced to the minimum practical (barely audible, even if the volume is 100%). It does not matter, muted in the SOG, or removed to a minimum. Most interesting is that when you start playing the next track in the background application - the volume is restored. This is very annoying and interfere with play while listening to your favorite music. Fix it, please
  5. and please make a proposal to fill stamina when you try to start "Challenge a.k.a infinity" level, because now only informs that "stamina is too low" sry, I ve already seen that this question upped by kingslamma at thread
  6. MITYA


    What you offer is correct and should take place. But no rules of the game nor this particular season, nothing is said about the use of macros, so changes can be made already at the end of season awards
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