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  1. @BenRPG yup I expect there is a modifier for legendries, kind of like the difference between new and aged bottles of booze. The smooth ones can get pricy. I see a problem here. At least for me. I don't think I am likely to be selling many of my hard won cards either. That I suppose is what the merchant guild - the SoG card stores are for. I had hoped that we would be able to put more cards up for trade or sale. It could be a very long haul to pull the particular card we need to fuse. Another addition I would like to see is a card wallet. Not for sale. A place to put my collection, even the everyday cards so that I do not have to see them and can not accidently crystalize one I have been saving forever. I am not sure how hard that is to do. I would like to take them out of play - say store them in a card tavern or card dorm so I can look at them, call on them if I have to or just keep them safe. Those plastic pages or individual boxes we used for our baseball and MTG cards. I wish I had time to work with and API. Make an app to house our collections that can show them on the screen, index by keyword, value (bought sold, estimated,etc.) , sub totals our collection number, type, cost, value, x-for sale, x-for keepers, x-for play, etc. As it is I have 19 boxes in my team panel. It is a little worky, workie, ? cumbersome. I have been meaning to ask the developers or put a note in the suggestion box but I have stirred up enough trouble in the SoG realm for one day. At the time I did not know that not all cards can be blockchainized.
  2. @BenRPG thank you for making a pass at crunching the numbers on blockchaining cards. It is nice to see the numbers at arms length like this. I didn't know what keystone was. The markup due to vendors for selling products. Yes, it makes a difference what one sells but 30% is not unreasonable. Mind you that is for merchants who get stuff off the back of the truck, stock the store and sell. It is suppose to cover the cost of doing business plus profit or they are soon out of business. Many stores, food service have outrageous profit margins. Then of course they offer specials at cost or near cost and count on follow on sales to make ends meet. Beer and drinks at a bar for example can have a huge markup depending on the venue. You could sell $10 USD block chain cards all day. For that kind of scratch I will keep the ones I earn. Now, on the other hand someone offers me $20 $50 .... whatever then I will have to start giving it some serious thought. When SoG gets a following, supply and demand will kick in and we let the market do it's thing. I would like to put something up on the BoO just to see how it is done and be able to say, I did it. SoG growth is going to be fun to watch. I can't swing a silver partner or whatever just at the moment but who knows what tomorrow will bring. I just wanted to say thanks again for sharing. You and @Naked Hiker have some really pretty cards. Powerful too. I have some work to do on the Lore of SoG so can't babble too much here. Our conversation has born fruit and given me a mini quest to convert the stories over to google docs. I did the one about Warana Thieves - "Tall Tails" and hope to get the others converted soon. Stay tuned.
  3. Oh, Mon Dieu! Magnifique Jan Tres bien. Me likey ! For our English speaking friends The adventure begin! It all started at the Askian Tavern. I had just arrived in this mysterious country by following the road of the caravaners. Along the way, I had crossed a few Weanara rats who, attracted by the smell of my gold, had tried to strip me. I swiftly passed them by the edge of my sword, leaving their corpses in place to warn the reckless travelers who would follow me to look after their purse and their lives. The Askian Tavern was a real Spanish inn. There was all that Moonga had engendered, marvelous and monstrous. Noisy cheers of trolls drunk with beer and singing songs. Some valorous warriors with sober mines and gleaming armor, ready to sell their services and protection for a sometimes considerable balance. Trainers of dragons with dark skin, wizards wielding their wands like Parisian bakers. The innkeeper was called Jan. He was a curious personage, but little attentive to everything that was going on in his establishment. His gloomy air contrasted with the light of his eyes. It looked like it was inhabited by two spirits. And as soon as a sticky and stumbling coin was slipped, he could reveal to you some secrets about the menacing regions of Askian. If by chance or necessity you arrive one day in this tavern, ask where is the tavern of Jan. [to be continued...] Ah ha! So we learn that the Warana Thieves are kinky too. I thought it was funny that they were stripping you. They tried to anyhow. Maybe they should have bought you dinner first. A clue. Moonga had engendered. Please, tell us more about Moonga. Even I know about French bread but did not realize that magicians might be bakers by day. Humm, food for thought. Can we get a glass of wine too? Yea, there is more than meets the eye here. In the Tall Tails it seemed like paranoia but maybe it is possession. Time will tell.
  4. @Robert asked " Can we submit more ideas for the multiplayer?" Of course you can always submit ideas. Sometimes it takes time for them to percolate through the system. At least that has ben my experience. SoG management, developers and support team are very open to player ideas and suggestions. I was playing in the pre release version. Trying to climb the leader board and going crazy looking up stats in a sea of gamers. I wrote a note documenting the issue or challenge I was having and suggested several alternatives. Guess what. They accepted the idea for a player to jump into their place in the leader board and it is in red. Yippie! Thanks guys I am thrilled to have made a good suggestion. Life for all players got better, well at least those interested in the leader board. Some ideas will integrate easily and nicely to the existing game engine and philosophy and may be implemented. Other ideas or suggestions may be considered for future releases or put on a priority list, working change requests and bug defects. There is a lot going on behind the scenes. My guess is some suggestions will not be able to be done, for technical reasons, they may break something, they might be outside the scope of SoG or frankly just plain dumb. I have come up with a few of those myself. The only bad question is the one that goes unasked. If you have an idea or ideas for multi-player I suggest putting it up. Try to pitch something that they can hit, is what I always say. Draw a picture, make an outline, write it up in your own words. Tell us what you like in multiplayer and definitely the kinds of things that break an app, more specifically why not to play. Lag for instance. I do not know about the schedule. I'll leave that to a Forum Moderator or Administrator to answer. I am, like you, one of the little fish. In my heart I feel that SoG has a purpose. There is a similarity with Bitcoin in a way I have yet to put my finger on. Store of value? Transaction type cryptocurrancy? How to scale up (SegWit) can we make more scenarios for player? Block size debate? More stories, features and functions requested for SoG. There seem to be a lot of parallels. I have to clean up the stories I was writing under the strategy thread but wanted to send you a note and extend an invitation to participate and thank you for your interest in improving the SoG multi-player effort.
  5. Hi @Robert It looks like I confused the issue a little. My fingers sometimes type faster than my mind works and what makes sense to me does not track with the reader, My bad. Just so you know my editors are my best friends. Multiplayer, tournament, guilds and game designer should be free free free. I want to be able to set up a castle, keep, dungeon, or shop of my own, in game, someday. That would be cool. It puts a new slant on in game assets. My feeling was that 3333 players - the total number of people on the leader board is not a very large user community. I suspect this is just SoG in it's infancy. I have been playing a couple of months and am level 19 and just starting to get the hang of it. I got a little help with cards from prerelease and bought a couple, just to see how BCY and BoO work. My current quest is to blockchainize a card and put it up for sale. My guess is when I get the work done I will not want to part with it. I understand the desire to walk through the game, end to end, and keep advancing through the story line, I wanted to do that too. My guess is that there is a different paradigm in play. Collecting, fusing and trading cards versus game play/story telling. I showed SoG to my son and daughter and got them to sign up. I have a feeling they don't get it. I shared SoG with one of my son's friends and he said "Oh I have played phone games." You see they are all big WOW, Overwatch, HoTS, CSGO, etc. players and have a different perspective or should I say expectations. I was looking for a replacement for Solitaire. Something I can play when I want and doesn't involve red 6 on black 7. SoG is a relief in that respect. I raced to Sia with three stars too, hoping there was more. I really don't mind grinding. It helps me improve strategy and see different ways to play a scenario. It was very stressful trying to advance the stars when my team was weak. Now, I have fun spanking "The Purple Dragon." I don't have the really hot decks that some players on the top of the leaderboard do. Read about their team consists in this forum. Wow. I didn't know that those cards existed. We will get there. It really should be a lot of work to make a blockchainized card for sale. I am trying to estimate the numbers, kind of hard to do, and see how much I can earn an hour. Honestly when there are players with big fat purses and collectors who don't want to build cards but can afford to buy them the in game assets will, in my opinion, increase in value. It only I had a crystal ball. Mining bitcoin or altcoin can be done with a high end gaming machine when not in use. My calculations above are "what if' our players turn there equipment toward mining, supporting the cryptocurrancy movement, and make a few bucks in the process. It is really weird. I tell my kids (college age) and even set up the Nicehash miner about this and they are apathetic. I worked when I was young, shoveling snow, delivering papers, lawn mowing and odd jobs so my perspective on the value of a dollar is skewed. Working at the deli or at night was okay but back then we didn't have a lot of money for computers and gaming / entertainment expense. I use to ask my neighbor at work. "Frank, why are we here?" he would reply "Born poor." As the French would say "C'est la vie." I would have been all over a way to use existing equipment to make $250 a month with the push of a button. Okay so take out the cost of electric and you are still up a couple of hundred. My kids are idiots or spoiled rotten. My bad, I guess. Good news for me is that Bitcoin and altcoins are so hot now my machine jumped from $7 to $13.50 a day. Nobody talks much about it and I probably shouldn't either. More for me and F everyone else. That is just not my way. Reminds me of Monty Python: "How do you know he is a king?" one peasant says to the other. "He's not all covered in shit." There was a long discussion afterward about the government, royalty, economics etc. Sry, got a bit off topic. Pre release there was a button for Guild. That might be fun. I saw another active area or button labeled [Multi Player], like the Challenge (which by the way I need a better team to play successfully) but didn't know how to qualify to play. At the time I was just trying to get down the road and build up a team to capture stars so I didn't mind. Every indication is that the multiplayer option is in the works. Trouble is, even though I can beat most of the bosses, I still fail some of the time. The game is pretty well balanced. I wish I had unlimited stamina and could play whenever I want to but resource management is part of the challenge. There is a lot behind Spells of Genesis. I was happy that the initial launch went well. We are reporting a few defects but other than the stamina sometimes not being paid for watching videos, (trying to debug an intermittent issue is a challenge) the release went smoothly from where I am sitting. I have seen game launches just fall apart and ruin the reputation of the game. SoG is going to catch fire before long. It almost has to being a front runner in presenting blockchain cards as in game assets. As Bitcoin goes, so goes the rest of the community. I read that a rising tide lifts all boats. Wait for it. Keep the suggestions coming. Do you have blockchain cards? Did you earn them or buy them? Tournament is a way to get special cards, if you are good. I bet there will be one soon. Hope so. Have you had success buying and selling using the BoO? Trade $ for bitcrystals using shapeshift or the exchange? Share your experience, what you like and dislike with an eye toward attracting and helping new players enjoy SoG. At least that is what I try to do. It is a very happy side effect of playing the game, being involved in a community and encourages me to research and learn other topics. One suggestion here was to make a wiki on the forum. Do you know anything about that? How to or if it can be set up? What are you keen on? More scenarios? Yea, multi player. I got that. What form do you see that play taking? Ask a developer if you can be a beta tester. :-) Start a forum topic with your suggestions. Good luck Peace
  6. Hi BenRPG, I like the player @TANGOYANKEE because it makes me think ty. Nice subtle way to say how we feel about SoG Same for your suggestion Thank you. I agree, about downloading from unknown sources. What did you think about putting the story directly into the forum so players can read if they want to as is or in line without going to another app? I made a couple of really cute examples for the developers a Change Request form and a quiz. Google has some really cool statistics behind their forms. I made those so that SoG team can get them and fix them up but didn't really hear back as to weather it was a good idea or not. I think a standardized Change Request form with check boxes would encourage people to report. The idea kind of fell apart because I could not find the function that allows the user to paste a screen shot into the form. Being able to add a screen shot is essential for defect reporting. In my experience it really helps the programmer figure out what the user is seeing. I sort of got the feeling that the SoG crew didn't really favor shelling out to Google Docs but that was for work (which should maybe be kept in house) not fun stuff we do on the forum. I can give it a try. If that is that okay with the keepers of the forum. I try not to put in links to other resources or advertise or step outside the SoG box but I sure wouldn't mind a Section of other not SoG or BoO related stuff. I have a game I played in Japan in 1967 - 1970 that I need to find a sponsor for. The cards were passed through the fence by the locals in exchange for yen, that is why they are the size that they are. We also could jump the fence and go into the village, well into town in Yokohama and visit the toy store oh and really cool train store, flower shop with mina bird. If you ask "How much are the flowers?" the bird would reply "Ten yen." As it turned out I named the game wrong. I used the phonetic spelling Minkos when I learned later, after printing over 30,000 that they are really Menkos. Go figure. I had to let my website go, big mistake. I had two printings in 2000 one here in the USA and another from China (40 cases or something). That was a real learning experience with import business and oh the cost of a phone call to China. Ouch. The game has its roots in Martial arts. We played at recesses and after school all the time. I wish kids today knew about it. One never knows where a connection comes from. I mention it in passing on the off chance you know someone who knows someone who might be interested. SoG right now is a little bit like the issue I have with Minkos. Marketing. Word of mouth. Advertising. etc. I learned it can be a challenge. That was in part why I kind of want to crunch the numbers on how to make and sell a blockchainized card or cards. There is really something here. I have been putting off writing a story about mining and incorporating how to run a GPU mine. It is crazy lately. My machine jumped from like $7.xx to $12.xx a day. I think if we can show players how to set it up, flip over at night or when away from the machines at work or school they can make a few bucks on the side. It pays for its self with extra for buying SoG cards. I suspect it would improve the SoG, BCY market cap. Imagine if all 3333 players do that? Even $3 USD a day would be $16,665 a month. Mine you not all of that makes it into SoG but if it were me I would support the source from winst it came. I am looking for a way to prime the pump, so to speak. Thank you again for the note. Maybe I will try it both ways to see what works best. I'll get back to you ASAP. Ha well after I use my stamina and try to claw my way up the leader board. You guys rock! When I grow up I want to be like you. On the top of the heap.
  7. Hello again. Thanks for implementing the jump to our profile in the leaderboard. SoG v1.2.0 Today I noticed that I also have a 'summary' for my account at the top of the leader board. Only issue is that the math seems off. In line it reads 18 where as at the top it reads 17 . I wonder also if at the top you might want to give us a count of the number of registered players? Eddy Rank: 17 / 3334
  8. Hi @BenRPG How have you been Ben? ha ha I make myself laugh. When I was writing the stories, pre production release of SoG, it was easier to put them down in a word document. I thought about copying them directly into the forum so that people do not have to go to the link and open another application. I was kind of hoping someone in a position of power and authority would give guidance / approval. I agree with you. People who play on the phone don't want to download or open the documents. Is it okay to make them part of the forum? Can I get my own thread? I would like to continue the stories and invite others to add on. Some tales teach how to play others explore the mystery surrounding bit crystals and why everyone wants them. SoG should have lore and even encourage fan artwork. I think that would be really interesting. Placing the stories inside a document accessed by a link kind of messes up the counts. It is hard to tell if anyone reads them or even likes them. If they do I will continue to write and document otherwise I can let it go. Who do you suppose would give their blessing, one way or the other? Does the forum have a wiki feature? Is it something I can setup? Point me in the right direction and give me a kick in the pants, I like to learn new things, share and add value to the community. @Nicktalop had a good suggestion. "Beautiful Orbs of Knowledge", or "BOoks"! I was thinking more like the card "Fairy Tales Poet." Of course I put a (change request) CR in for that one. I think it should read " Fairy Tale Poet " there is something funny about the plurality in English but I can't tell you why. I was at a story about the mines when we switched into production SoG. I think the mines are an interesting place for story fodder, everyone who is anyone is in the mine at sometime. Insects to Kings it seems integral to spells. I am not sure why but for some reason everyone here is mad for crystals and gems. It was weird coming out of the mine and the world had changed. Maybe a parallel universe or gate or instance or warp of some type. My friend Ian the Blacksmith and for that matter the 'Gates of Askian' are missing. Warana Thieves, the dirty rats are now our friends and have joined the team. I see each new release as growth. Change and new challenges are part of what is going to make the game play interesting. The crew we want to play SoG and contribute to the forum don't even know about it yet. I suspect, like Bitcoin, at some point we will see a serious up tick in user base. Until then my thought was to try and document how to setup, play, fuse, earn card, strategize etc. for these next gen players, in a way that is fun and I hope interesting. I would like to continue writing, do you all want to read about the mines? SoG boot camp? The Guild? Trick shots (hard to catch screens for this one) or one of my own stories? Marble Head the Giant. He could be related to "The Giant of the Mountain." Giants in general are misunderstood. Not all irritable because of hemorrhoids but most are a pia. Oh, stamina is restored. Back to work.
  9. I was wondering what form tournaments will take. In some ways we want to reward those who have wonderful teams but it is going to be skewed in favor of the top players on the leaderboard. They have excellent cards. It would be nice to make it a level playing field. Present a set team and let competitors do the best they can with what we have to work with, say that month. Now it would be nice to keep whatever we earn or add to our collection/deck but maybe tournament is stand alone and the prize is a special tournament reward or maybe get to keep one card we developed during tournament play. Nobody really wants to start over but without a pob, point of beginning, common to all players it will be grossly unfair to new players and peeps without a big book of orbs / pocketbook. Tell us more about what is planned. Players - Make suggestions. Water world Month of the light Darkness falls Plague of insects - only bug cards can be on the team Race to the mountain - Never say Die Freaking fuse PvP Combat Card Design - Art Scenerio / future feature - propose a new path or obstacle that will be included in the game and vote. Get the most: Gold, Crystals, Gems .... Zombie Apocalypse TEIN Tournament etc.
  10. Hi @Tychaeus, Yes, I put in change requests / bug reports for the issue you mentioned. The sentences should read ..... denominator .... whatever that value happens to be. I suspect we will see this fixed in the next release.
  11. On ‎5‎/‎16‎/‎2017 at 8:35 AM, Eddy said: I hope it is us against the machine not us going head to head, because I suck. But yea, my bet would be that a multiplayer choice is not, as my electrician says, "a far away story." @BenRPG Multiplayer will be key. However, I hope the opposite. I hope to play against others. Although I would certainly play together with others also. Different formats would be possible, sure. Please guys, show us a screenshot, give us a faintest idea how this multiplayer mode is going to feel. ----- On ‎5‎/‎16‎/‎2017 at 5:11 PM, BenRPG said: The game is very hard without using block chain cards I think. The game has to be kind of balanced for sure, also for players with bc cards. Not being able to play and try levels over and over is very frustrating however and will drive people away! @Tychaeus Nope, not true, I am using strictly in game cards. I am using one quad fused rare, a dual fused epic, and two legendries one of which is dual fused and the other not yet... ----- SoG is actually pretty well designed (if you ask me) to challenge the new (casual) player and pro (advanced) players. It is frustrating, at times makes me wannacry (sry couldn't resist) because I miss a couple of spell placements and loose, so sad no reward. :-( I said earlier that I hope multiplayer supports me .vs. AI because you guys would mop the floor with my team. I have been playing consistently in an effort to see how the random draw, boss challenges, completion of story line, etc. facilitates advancement, both in game and financially. I would like to find a way to encourage more people to play. If I can identify a couple of techniques that will permit the average Joe or Joette to make some scratch. I think it can be done. $700 a week trading in the BoO would be exceptional right now. When there is a very large fan base, lots of cpu cycles going into SoG I could see huge trades being made, big trades would be common and lesser (new cards and in game blockchainized) card trades would be common. I keep trying to relate Bitcoin to SoG in my head. The same things are going on, market cap, trade volume, increasing visibility and fan base (investors.) I just recently learned about mining bitcoin. Wow, first time in my life where one of my computers actually paid me back. Dang wish I had started this years ago, if only to have the computers (kick A gaming equipment) help pay for it's self. I have a feeling that SoG could be the same, imagine being able to play and get paid for it. Even if it is like 25 cents or penny a stamina. I know penny is old school. Say a young player gets permission from the parental units to run a GPU miner at night or when at school. I'd let my young'uns do that because they are working, investing, doing business ie. trading, and saving/collecting. etc. There is a lot more here than meets the eye. It is not just the kids but if we (what is it called factor? idk) work with the least common denominator then everyone wins. Growth will happen, in English, French and Japanese. It is a global market now days, my friends. Give the crowds incentive and I suspect we will see a ground swell. Bitcoin thing, rising tide lifts all boats. Cryptocurrancy in general is happening right now. Gaming is a wave behind but coming on fast. Anyhow, a couple of high end SLI cards can can make $8 or $9+ a day. So the player runs 2/3 while at school and sleeping. Or for the working class hero while at work or sleeping. Humm, more math - see SoG teaches us to use our brain too. Call it $5 or $6 at the current rates. X30 days in a month and voila we have between $150 and $180 to work with. Realistically less but you get the idea. How much does a card cost? Yes some are very expensive and 3 months of work would not get one very far. This is why I would like to see more everyday trading. (It was mentioned earlier that made me think that we could mine and get paid in bitcrystals BCY) Great idea SoG pool, hum BoOpool we provide a service & get paid, play & get paid, sell & get paid ... you get the idea. It adds up and given the amount of under utilized equipment out there the games 'market cap' would go nuts. One old saying I always liked, when I worked as a programmer/computer specialist/management .. is: "700 monkeys typing for 700 years can recreate the works of William Shakespeare." This was always a great comfort when chasing defects because if we keep spanking the keyboard eventually a solution will present itself. And one would hope we are a little smarter than a bunch of monkeys. What we need is more bodies, more people playing, more game time ... more more more - pronounced mo mo mo. I know preaching to the choir. oh. one more thing before my (yes evil) cigarette break. For some reason I equated in game crystals with BCY. I was so excited to get rare etc because I imagined making enough in game to pay for the snogger. Ha, silly I know. I dreamed that at higher levels I could start smoking fancy cigars. Or what ever my fancy was, you know pick your poison kind of thing. It was fun to imagine when BCY were at .15 USD what is it now? .40 last time I checked. lol yea, everyone into the pool. Or in train speak "ALL ABORD!" The designers and SoG game developers did a pretty good job with stamina. I usually get to play at least one game during my break, more if I am trying to get a daily quest and hanging out with the "Sylvan Elf" (just to win a game with a specific color card on my team) maximize reward, strategize, ... get gold. I get to take a break, get up, go out and make bank. ha ha not making bank yet but who knows what tomorrow will bring. SOG to the Moon.
  12. I bet the French (mes amies) I mean this in the nicest way, will agree. Blockchain sort of sounds like one of those French poodles. What's her name? Fie Fie? or Fee fee This is Mr. Fee fee What did he say to the Mrs? Woof! A small fee would be okay.
  13. Good Morning @BenRPG Yea, I got to thinking about your note and that I did not specify the type and method of mining. Mining Bitcoin SHA256 with a PC or GPU mining would be futile. Yesterday, I read Shitoshi's white paper and really liked the way it was presented. Amazing how that little bit of 'C' code can essentially change the world. Considering where our computing power was, say in 1977, 40 years ago and what we have today it is mind boggling. I took my first programming course in H.S. and had a one day turn around agreement with a company 15 miles away. We would code on cards and drive them up, pick up the runs from the day before and bring them back. A single character incorrect and the job would fail, costing a whole day. You can imagine how exciting it was to get a paper tape reader or in college a year later a DEC writer terminal and UNIVAC 1108. Those were the days. Summer school I took a course for JCL and IBM assembler, COBOL programming etc. My programs were a box of cards 18 inches long and our Prof had us put our initials in column, what was it? 72? On ever card. The kids now days have access to tools we didn't even dream of. Oh, but I digress. I admit to being new to Bitcoin and mining. Like SoG I am trying to put the pieces together. You can laugh if you want. The first couple of days, not knowing anything about nodes it seemed like a good thing to do. Do you know it takes all day, 24 hours, to download the blockchain and no small amount of disk space. It gave me a lot of time to 'read all about it.' It was then that I realized there were other options. What started out as something of a fiasco turned out to be a good learning experience. I read on one of the bitcoin websites that nodes may be recommended for companies that intend to have a volume of transactions that that can improve the throughput. Great idea but I am not sure how routing and prioritization works. Being ancient as I am, I keep having these flashes of insight, ah ha moments. Once in a while I get the feeling that the bitcoin environment incorporates a number of techniques developed over the years. This is kind of a maturing of our process. Do you know anything about network protocol, packet switching? Checksums? This feels like a grown up version combining hashing, lists, tree traversal algorithms, cryptology, etc. It feels elegant, simple is good. In my experience anyhow. lol, yea parents are funny. Thing is kids are too. I think if you have an aptitude for something that you, your parents, friends, myself, whom so ever should cultivate it. Life is to short not to enjoy what you are doing and who is doing it to you. Paradigm - great word use. I had no idea what that meant until I had training at work. Remember to help people accept and understand these changes we have to WIIFM. Don't have to but in my experience it sure helps swallow a, sometimes, bitter pill. "What's in it for me?" WIIFM I like the way you write. Ma and Pa kettle are maybe not so whacked as the all knowing young uns sometimes think. Of course there are always exceptions. Yes I guess I am getting a little long in the tooth. But like they say in Monty Python's Holy Grail, "I'm not dead yet." Well that and "She's a witch! Burn her ... burn her" Solutions for scaling are in the works. I think it will be a number of contributing ideas and some tweaking (not twerking) that will give us all a workable solution. I agree sooner than later is better. I had a hard time figuring out the SegWit, kept thinking Segway. Management by committee can be protracted. A phrase that I always liked, because I have been there is that, Bitcoin (in this example) is on the bleeding edge. Not an easy place to be and others benefit, even profit, from your work. But that being said I think the lead developer gets to make decisions, craft new solutions, drive the industry, if you will. Kind of like explorers. I like a challenge. SoG is that way. I still get spanked by the "Giant in the Moutain" if I am not paying attention or have poor spell placement. I keep trying. Your observations about advancing on the leader board are spot on. Well, not how many Gems you buy but how many the player spends. And when. I got a few to support the SoG effort but kind of save them for when I have a daily quest, run my stamina to zero and am working on a card or just want to play for fun. This way I can. 25 cents ok or .80 USD isn't too much if I can get to where I want to bee. A damn cigarette is .35 so the price structure is not unreasonable. I am trying to compute the play time to make a blockchain card and figure out if I were a young adult without a big bankroll how to turn this to my advantage. I think running a GPU mine on my gaming machine at night would net maybe a few bucks a day. A person might be able to get, as you say a couple of cards from the book of orbs BoO within a month. Yea, ask the parental units. But if my kid came and wanted to use a little electricity to earn bitcoin to support their gaming habit I would be all for it. Better than just handing out $$$. But that's me. I am fascinated that my PC will pay me back, in time, when I buy a new and better video card. My equipment never did, and that crap was expensive. You would learn about bitcoin wallets and money changing, exchanges perhaps, supply and demand. Wow, there is a lot behind SoG. Part of what the forum is for is for us to share our feelings and insight as it relates to what we are doing here. That, my friend, is a pretty broad brush. The developers have been very proactive about my bug reports and suggestions. I was so happy when they linked my profile to the leaderboard. Now it jumps to my place in line, no more wallowing in pages and pages of players. Though it is pretty cool to see new people come on board. That was my suggestion and it is not often that one gets to add value to a game or system. Thanks development team. They also work spelling or bug reports. Not that they can always fix it right away or adopt our ideas but hey they are a great team. Put in suggestions and report defects. Note for SoG developers: @Seb_degraff There is one kind of troublesome issue with not getting paid 5 stamina after watching a video (advertisement.) I have been thinking about the trouble capturing the error. Intermittent ones are sometimes hard to work. I was thinking about recommending that people who are active in testing and debugging be given a option for enabling the log. We could keep a clip of the activity in a log before leaving the game for ad and upon return. It may not show the issue but we could record events and if we return in game and do not get the promised reward can click a button to send or capture and send side band this portion of a log. Developers would see a number of instances across players and may be able to see a timing issue, common problem android or ios, particular ads with small buttons, etc. It is just a thought. It is tool I would support and use. My suggestion is to bind it to a Change Request tracking system so that all defect reports, suggestions, etc can be worked. Part of the battle is gathering metrics. I suspect the user community is quite willing to do that for us. At one point in pre season there was a link for guilds. I think that will return. I think I saw a button for multi player at one point in the pre season. In my version it was not enabled. Developer and testing is my guess. I hope it is us against the machine not us going head to head, because I suck. But yea, my bet would be that a multiplayer choice is not, as my electrician says, "a far away story." It will come soon enough. I'm still trying to make a better team and not get spanked by giants, purple dragons, etc. I would really like a dungeon designer. A maze maker. Something where players can develop a set of screens or even add to the story line. I have a story to write about the mines. Everlasting Snow, the messenger, history and lore from days of old. I always wanted to play a game where we own part of the world. Give a plot of land to work and defend. Wooden walls, stone, spikes, moving crushing pincers an such designed by the player to challenge other players. There would have to be a way to keep ULTRA SoG players from crippling the little guy but even set it up so that the state pays reward if a player successfully attacks our stronghold and wins. Maybe if they loose then they pay a portion of the stamina to the defender. One could even set up a blockchain to record every encounter and result. We, players might become friends and allies, guilds might combine these bolt holes to form a guild structure, fortifications, towers at advanced level. If you have cool challenges more players visit your facility. Make in game money, buy trade cards, build and add to fortifications etc. Even a baby simple set of building blocks could be fun. It's just a thought. Ty btw for the correspondence. It gets me to thinking and who knows, it is like mining we might just step into something valuable. A real gem. I think that part of my problem is I associate crystals in the game with BCY in the real world. Say they are .50 USD each. In my mind when I add to building and fusing cards I think oh I won 10 crystals ouuuu $5 or level up 5+15+30+60+120 ouch $115 that does not even account for fusing. Anyhow it is a fun game to say oh I made 50 crystals and pretend it is $25 for playing today. Lucky me. ha ha Play more Have fun Tell a friend
  14. Hi @BenRPG I have been watching your play. Well, your place on the leaderboard. You seem have it figured out. I agree we do some things for fun, pleasure, to kill time or just because we like it. I was looking for a replacement to solitaire so you can imagine how SoG seems complex. Thanks for the link, I had seen that document it is a good visual explanation if a little dated. I was trying to figure out how to sell Spells of Genesis. What would a typical player have to do to make a few dollars or fraction of Bitcoin? What does it take to make a blockchainized card and how much would or could it sell for, today. Yes, you are absolutely correct in your assessment and I have been known to make some bad investments or decisions (if you will) in my life, from time to time. Do you know anyone that needs or wants about 30,000 Minkos? A childrens game I played in Japan in 1967-1970. It has it's roots in martial arts. I even thought about making a few of the peel and stick ones up with SoG cards to see how they look. I still think there is something there but lack the marking expertise crushed my dream of sharing this with everyone. Thing is, for me. It is not just about the money. Of course my now x-wife never understood that. Maybe it is me. Marketing is a challenge. Timing too. One thing I have is bad timing. It is what it is. Why do you say GPU mining is not worthwhile and to stop? I made a little GPU miner that gets like $7-$10 a day. I run my PC at night and turn on the gaming machine upstairs to grind away with Nicehash when it is not in use. The GPU miners pay their own electric bills and then some. I pick up, at the moment $17 a day that is $510 a month I didn't have. I agree CPU mining is a waist of time. I actually learned about SoG from the guy I got my first Bitmain Antminer from a couple of months ago. Today in the bitcoin world everything seems slow, the global rate is down but my minions are doing $67 a day. I never had minions before. Yea, the electric bill is high but they more than cover the running costs. Yes, the ROI is like 8 months but that was before the price of Bitcoin jumped from $1250 in March to $1762 now. I try to hold on to all the BCT that I earn but have to sometimes take some and put it toward the electric bill. I also moved a little through Poloniex to get BCY so I could get a couple of SoG cards to play with and populate my BoO. I agree it is kind of an expensive hobby. I know Nicehash takes a 3% cut but they manage the algorithms and seem to be reliable about remittance. I figure that if and when I get my investment back I will be doing good. Who knows we might even do better than that. I have my degree in CS and Info Systems, worked as a computer specialist and did some consulting on the side so the computer/miner setup and installation of new releases is not that big of a deal. The assembly language programming, hashing algorithms, linked list, etc. and all that math I had to take, years ago, are the tools that are being used in the blockchain and crypto currency arena. It nothing else it is a good mental exercise to try and figure out how this can be used in the future. There is a lot of reading to do to and it gives me something to research and study. Like you say it is a complex system. I think it is cool but I am a little weird, I guess. What are the ' the environmental consequences' you mentioned. I was looking at if mining would or could feasibly pay for a solar roof. That would balance/offset the electric use and certainly be more environmentally friendly. At some point I will have to get a new roof anyway. Elon Musk has a new shingle that looks fabulous. Too bad they don't use the full spectrum yet and the price is high but I may have SolarCity out so see if the roof has a proper orientation and how watts they think I can generate. 50K would likely be better invested in BTC. It would be nice to not depend on the grid and get the roof done in the process. Mining is not all bad, I can't wait for winter because the antminers generate enough heat to keep the whole hose toasty if I turn them in instead of venting them outside. I thought mining was doing a service for the community, including SoG. Enlighten me. I really appreciate you sharing your take on things. I don't have anybody to bounce ideas off of or a mentor to guide me. All the guys I knew (my Dad) and men I respected, who fought in WWII at D-day, were in the OSS or in Viet Nam are all dead. They probably would have said not to mess with bitcoin mining or SoG but they grew up in a different age. As a matter of fact I guess I am old now too. I remember going to use the out house when visiting relatives in the country. Kids now days have it easy, indoor plumbing. They don' t blink an eye at the cost of equipment, spending hours and hours playing computer games (I had an 8088 4.77 Mhz with Amber screen, later a 80286 8-12 Mhz switch able with CGA graphics and I was very happy. I can't say much.) or money on skins and in game stuff (not even assets like the blockchain cards) so I feel like I am at a bit of a disadvantage. I had to work for a living, save, invest, raise a family, pay bills .... and we know how all that works out. I don't want to ruin the surprise for those who have yet to follow that path. Good luck. No regrets. We do the best we can with what we have. I am just trying to figure out how this works and leave a bit of documentation for the next guy or gal. I was making fun about quad fused versus confused. Yea, cards can become quad fused but not all can become blockchainized. It is my understanding that some in game cards being fused can become blockchainized. Or am I mistaken. I am working on scarigas will it be able to be put into the book of orbs some day? It only has a pink star. I am a little slow on the up take, you know special Ed. It is a lot of work to level up cards. People who are new to SoG should know how hard it is but that it can be done. Or maybe not, it might be part of the fun to bring cards up through the ranks just to build a better team. My game play certainly has improved leveling up and fusing cards. Card management is part of the game. Sorry to be so wordy, it's late. My stamina is restored so I am going back in game and then to bed. Thanks for your reply. You gave us a clue: quad fused legendary or epic may have value for trade. Sincerly Eddy
  15. OMG I am humbled. You all deserve to be at the top of the list. Wow! I made some pretty good gold pre-season in challenge but do not go there with v1.2.0 it's too hard. Now I know why. lol Any chance we can get a little fish sand box? How about a training area or play ground for us punks. No wonder it is called challenge. I think it would be cool to have a tool where we could build dungeons or develop our own mazes, castles, team consist, story line and have other players visit. Kind of like our own piece of the world. Thanks for sharing your insight and success. It makes a lot more sense of the leaderboard scores. Congrats