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  1. Hello @Nicolas Sierro I just wanted to report back on the stamina payout after watching the video clips. I don't want to jinx it. The shelling out and back into SoG for Stamina reward seems to be working for me on the android, as of 6/5/17. I read about the advertisement providers potential issues. Mentioned in another post. All the exit buttons in the apps seem to be larger circles (with the x inside) now. NO little teeny tiny ones that I have seen. It has been pretty consistent, no drops for the last few days. Will keep fingers crossed. Eddy
  2. I was playing SoG a lot and noticed when I went to bed, music still playing in my head. Hint for the "Old Folks": Turn down the volume. --- Ever dream about someone you can't be with?
  3. Hey Jasper, I thought for a minute that I heard war drums. Boom boom boom. Or is it, just my imagination. The Falcon's Nest It is my heart, pounding in my chest. thump thump thump. I'm so excited. I could jump out of my skin. It's quiet, " Shhhh" too quiet. Something is coming ... Yikes, Multi-Player. ===
  4. What's Cooking? The most juicy gossip? News from the world? Put the cards away, we have guests. This is a kitchen, not a casino... --- As a matter of fact yes word from the outside world. I think it is big news. Look here showing a token blue large Coinbase "C" and another USAA Eagle and rubs them together. opening the palm to show both, in the process of fusing. [fusing card] USAA Bank in San Antonio, Texas USA and Coinbase have integrated the Coinbase Wallets (Bitcoin, ether and L-coin) along with cold storage, a vault for your Bitcoin Horde. This allows you to see the Coinbase accounts (wallets) alongside your checking, savings, portfolio and other 'main stream' financial accounts. Bitcoin Users: View Your Coinbase Account Alongside Bank Account You don't have to be a Cyclops to see that this is pretty big news.
  5. Eddy

    Guild Charters

    The Writer's Guild submitted what amounts to a draft version of the Guild Charter. The Askian Writer's Guild Charter and GM Resume DRAFT --- In a associated: Askian Politics - News story. AP-News Reports Wanna bee - Writer's Guild Master Ian Hus, was chastised today when his "To Do List" was stolen and published in the Centaurian Blade. The report dated, last Wednesday was sketchy at best. The validity of this list is in question, lacking any QR seal. We at AP-News were able to acquire a copy of said 'To Do List' judge for yourself. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HPf1RxzRtegAKW_IutvzrqtWzqogiVtEZo4Ut82Y_sw/edit?usp=sharing During a later interview with the bard, he insisted that he was innocent. Blame it on Guild politics. August 1 is suppose to be a big day. What will happen? Who can say? One faction wants to implement Segwit another increase the block size to 2MB but the core developers disagree and node operators can not reach consensus. I am certain the truth will come to light, in time. "I dont' know." idk
  6. So you don't recognize this? Guild Login from SoG v1.0.5 Guilds do exist. I saw the Merchant Guild, up by the lake road. But for the life of me I can not remember what their major malfunction was. All the more reason I should write these things down. Must be the Oldtimers kicking in or to long away from the mines.
  7. Nice What is left of my team versus The Purple Dragon and his minions. @Tychaeus Thank you for volunteering. With a little arm twisting to go with. When I get a Guild Charter document sketched out I will let you review and edit as necessary. I don't want to ruin the surprise, so enough said. @Nicktalop Dear Friend Ian Jan, A member is interested in applying to become a Guild Master. Who decides how he is to be called? Are there a ranking, titles already in place? If so it would be nice to know. We will fill out the guild charter and have him take the required tests. Results will be forwarded to you and the council of Druids. Herbod, Ridan and Quirin should be available, for a while longer but we have already been given notice. Time is short, we must move quickly. [Herbod Pic] Ian Hus Looks like we may have recruited a potential Guild Master. Can you allow @Tychaeus to review the OK Project folder? Please & Thank you. [ I was wondering if the Ok Project can use the same tool at the profile to allow players to have in game persona profile space as well.]
  8. Once upon a time the Guilds were active, respected, even admired. Alas, since the disappearance of the Spells of Genesis, many guilds have fallen into disrepair. They are without masters and in need of leadership. The Writers Guild had an orb unlike any other. It was broken and few pieces remain. In the garden, here at the Guild headquarters it is on display for all to see. Pilgrims come and pay homage to this remnant of an ancient and powerful orb. The opal reminds us that even though we see the colors of the rainbow they do not belong to just one group. No faction may claim the spectrum as their own. Individual colors have a following but for pity's sake, lets not fight about it. There is enough politics and intrigue in Askian to the next epoch. My advice, play nice.
  9. Come one, come all! Join the Writer's Guild. Dissertations, poems, short stories or "For a good time call, xxx on the bathroom wall." It's all good. Welcome to the writers pool, come on in, the water is fine. --- Vocabulary: Use case - Guilds affinity for a particular crypto currency. They may overlap. It is all about ways to implement blockchain technology. Posting a story entitles you to become a proxy member of the Writer's Guild no matter your primary guild affiliation. A good story has one or more SoG related pictures, screen capture or card. There should be some, what the French call "raison d'ĂȘtre" loosely translated as 'reason to be', giving a moral to the story or sharing in-game related information in a creative way. The 'why' may be elusive and requires setting up characters for future stories so think ahead. Read some of the work that has already been done and add your own flair, style, imagination. A good place to start is with a pip on the map. Capture an image from the map, card or in game combat and write about it. Who, what, when, where, why? or Why not? Have fun. Ian Hus, Two Face Master of the Writer's Guild
  10. Mining Resources Nicehash.com Bitcoin Mining Pool --- Cointelegraph.com Bitcoin News ---- Bitcoin.com News --- Bitemain.com Antminer S9 --- Bitcoin USD Conversion --- Coinbase Wallet - API for developers --- Coinwarz.com - Profitability Calculator --- 99 Bitcoins - Bitcoin Mining Guide | Beginners
  11. Follow the steps, detailed in the Nice Hash Mining Software Document below, to set up NiceHash miner. See if you can get your computer to mine. Collect Bitcoin by running nice hash miner Use the proceeds to buy SoG assets. Google doc: Nice Hash Mining Software - version 0.1
  12. Our Lawyer: https://photos.google.com/share/AF1QipMLi1036cSD_Y8t3ikgS02DLCqEPBl6SpVAK5ceMK-V-6H9z3Xnlmrp96W4Cjyr8g?key=U2RicEQySU5HZlZVRXZpZnFuU2pKd0RKSGZ2THdB There are many ways to get the message across. Oh [Note to self]:, Recruit a member to become master of a guild. The Messenger Guild. They had a cameo and hotspot in the a previous release. And... if I am not mistaken was mentioned prominently in the Tavern. Ian the Blacksmith. [Pic of the map where we meet The Messenger] Anyone can become a member of a guild. They may have affiliation with many but answer to only one Master, at a time. A person who is willing to meet the guidelines within the guild's charter and posts to that guild becomes a member. To become a Guild Master, you must apply. Details can be found in the Guild Charter. Pending results from the judge at this hearing, the Writers Guild has purview over the Orbs of Knowledge, provisional to the statute and custom of the local authority. Statements here in do not reflect the view of the SoG, BoK, game designers, creators, investors or staff. This statement in lawyer speak indemnifies our hosts if any one says anything stupid. Honestly we are not paranoid or insane they are out to get us. Everyone in Askian has issues. Are crystals the cause? or the cure? Sincerely, Ian Hus, Bard of Ask - Two Faced, Master of the Writers Guild & Associates:
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