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  1. It was in the spam folder. Strange I definitely looked at the time Anyway thanks for the help and the card!
  2. It told me to insert my email to get a code but I haven't received an email (yet?). Also, what is the Telegram channel of sog? Spells of Genesis (cause there are only 2 subscribers).
  3. Thanks! I can't really verify (haven't kept track of points) but I trust you guys did
  4. wachtwoord

    Ire of March.

    I used: Fireangel (blockchain), carniath overseer (ingame legendary silver), devestating troll (ingame epic), dragons of the caves (blockchain)
  5. wachtwoord

    Raid player stuck in one of my slots.

    Hi, it resolved itself I think 2 days ago. I thought you guys fixed it (or at lesst reset it). As I also am getting enemies my own level again (as before there was the known problem of getting random level oponents, sometimes far below your rank).
  6. No it's not like it was not reset, it was. You simply start with tge amount you received as a reward for your position in the February board. I received 10000 and therefore started with that amount in March. (I earned 42561 points in February but that's not relevant)
  7. Yzia, does the confused emoticon mean I wasn't clear or are you confused about the cause. If the former: everyone started with a score equal to the reward for February. For example, I ended 65th in Feb and received 10000 gold, so I started the March campaign with 10000 points without playing.
  8. If you look at the leaderboard for march it starts with the reward from the previous month (so 10k for me). I think that's unintended (don't know whether this was a problem in previous months).
  9. wachtwoord

    Raid player stuck in one of my slots.

    I have the same issue. Let me know whether you need more info beyond that already given in this thread.
  10. wachtwoord

    Introducing Monthly Campaigns!

    Cool, saw it and played them early in the month but they were bugged and quickly removed. Good to see it return as I was excited with new campaigns.
  11. wachtwoord

    About the fees

    This thread
  12. wachtwoord

    About the fees

    First off: BTC is making tbe exact correct decisions to maximize its value. Payments systemis hardly relevant. At the same time this means that a utility such as SOG assets is no longer cost effective with on chain transactions. Alternatives are either implementing the current system on top of lightning (feasible, but a bit complex and not adopted widely yet) or another block-chain, preferably one with niche functionality (if not niche at some point it will face similar scaling issues). BCH has no value whatsoever for any type of application.
  13. wachtwoord

    About the fees

    LTC could be a very good idea.
  14. wachtwoord

    About the fees

    I mean maybe it's a better idea to move to Litecoin or even Ethereum other than one that has chosen direct confrontation with the leader of the pack (and likely winner). Anyway that's up to Counterparty to decide. I agree that Counterparty using the Bitcoin blockchain with a transaction per counterparty transaction isn't going to work. Perhaps lightning or a variation on it is an option? (They can even do a pilot on Litecoin).
  15. wachtwoord

    About the fees

    But Bitcoin cash doesn't have any sort of future ...