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  1. blackro9

    March blockchain card reward

    thanks for the fast response
  2. still waiting on the card reward for March contest any idea when they will be sent ?
  3. started playing the new monthly campaign I had about 68 gems left. refreshed my energy and gems now show 0 ??????? please return my gems
  4. blackro9

    PvP is broken

    for the last few days win or lose you lose points in PvP rank. I lost 1 battle dropped top 14 to low 13 since then been winning but still dropping points ?
  5. blackro9

    Quest prize

  6. can we just get an ETA on blockchain cards that we are still waiting for please. I'm still waiting on my carniath creator from the 21st of December the reward card for December's challenge and 2 more that I blockchained at the start of January. I did send an email but didn't even get a response, pretty close to just installing which would of already happened if I had not wasted a decent amount of cash on worthless blockchain cards
  7. blackro9

    Leaderboard Explained

    why are people cheating ? you play for example S.i.a 4 times at 10 energy a go which takes 6-7 minutes then refresh your energy for 2 gems. Rinse and repeat. I dont play as much lately but maybe 2 months ago did about 100, 000 pts in 1 day.
  8. same I blockchained 1 on the 21st got my link that does not even load. Sent an email but nothing
  9. blackro9

    About the fees

    Why are the fees now so ridiculous to buy or sell a blockchain card £11 to put a single order in is stupid
  10. blackro9

    Hash error

    cool thx for the info buddy
  11. blackro9

    Hash error

    I am getting these errors every time I log on. Could someone have a look at this asap as I am obviously not going to try and buy more gems until it's fixed as I will just be charged again and revive nothing. would be good if I could have my account credited with the gems I have already purchased as it's going to make it impossible to put up a decent score in the monthly leader board without gems.
  12. blackro9

    Hash error

    I have just tried to purchase gems 140 I have the receipt from Google so I have been charged £14.99 but no gems
  13. same for me last month gold was added straight away but just get an error message and no gold. only been playing a few months and already getting bored with all the crap
  14. I have my gold but no card as if yet, would like to see a new months leader board