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  1. Jasper Damman

    Spell pushed off screen

    @cdex Hey, yes if you are unlucky with the spell placement this can happen indeed. In that case the only solution if you want to use that spell is to hit it very quickly. Good luck and have fun!
  2. Jasper Damman

    Minion slayer count doesnt go up

    Thanks! Looking into this
  3. Jasper Damman

    Level generator

    Hello Klarnar, thanks for the suggestion! I added your suggestion to our roadmap suggestions: https://trello.com/c/CHcddkO8/346-allow-community-to-create-levels Yes, we want to have the players to be able to create all kinds of user generated content, among which levels.
  4. Jasper Damman

    Movable objects

    Thanks! Added to our Trello: https://trello.com/c/u7qYIUw4/241-non-element-based-new-objects-ideas
  5. Jasper Damman

    How do you beat Genesis Rank Raids?

    Hey @Burning and @BenRPG Yes the Genesis rank is very challenging indeed. I would also say we can definitely improve the game mode and balancing/difficulty. It is something we want to do and are looking into, but it can take some time as we are working on some other features and bugs (and GDPR regulations) first. Thanks for the feedback and as of now there is not other way than to give it your best! Good luck!
  6. Jasper Damman

    Dawn of May is broken

    @Grimm Sorry to hear that you're considering to quit! Yes this campaign is more challenging than the other monthly campaigns indeed, but with a strong deck of ingame cards you should be able to complete it. We take your feedback about the difficulty into consideration and hope you might be able to complete the future campaigns. Keep in mind though that a lot of players also enjoy the higher difficulty and that the rewards (legendary card) should be a challenge to obtain. We've been stable in amount of players over the last half+ year. We're now partnering up with a new publisher, European Games Group which will start to acquire some new users once we release the next build. They will do this for a couple of months to see how well SoG performs, relative to their other games. If they deem it profitable, they will do a bigger marketing campaign. @BenRPG The bug you mention is very annoying indeed. We solved it now and you can see the effect in the next update. We wanted to have the build live this week but were blocked by Apple's new policy regarding lootboxes. They wanted us to show the % of chance of getting each rarity per purchase so that caused some delay.
  7. Jasper Damman

    Gameplay bug

    Thanks for the report, we're working on it!
  8. Jasper Damman

    Dawn of May is broken

    Hi Grimm! Great to hear the campaigns have you returned to the game. That was a mistake in the blogpost, sorry about that! We're changing it. The campaign was designed with the intention to let them deal less damage than the weasels and Spring's Dawn. Campaign is more difficult than the April campaign indeed, but I think doable if you have the right setup. A suggestion: Try using strong freeze all, flame all and/or shield all cards and clear out these weasels and Spring's dawn first. Good luck!
  9. Jasper Damman

    Suggestion: Let us level up beyond 30

    Good point! It was designed like this at launch, but now the game has been running for a while we should improve. Looking into it.
  10. Jasper Damman

    Suggestion: Raid Loss is too severe

    Thanks for the feedback, I agree with the point you make. I added your suggestion to our trello page: https://trello.com/c/QoB21tlr/327-reduce-remove-points-lost-when-losing-a-raid-match-on-high-ranks
  11. Jasper Damman

    This ad doesn't work

    Hi @cdex Thank you for the report. As the bug is related specifically to one ad it is not in our power to solve this. We're connected to a partner that provides ads for us and a lot of apps so we'll contact them with the issue. Let's hope they'll fix it quick! Sorry for the trouble you're encountering
  12. Jasper Damman

    Lost campaign stars

    Hey, the stars acquired on the monthly campaign are removed when the campaign disappears indeed. I understand you would rather keep them, but the achievement is aimed at collecting all stars in the base 30 campaigns so still collectible without the monthly campaign. See the monthly campaign as an extra way of getting them.
  13. Jasper Damman

    Hello Its March! 😀

    Hey! You mean the monthly campaign? The february campaign will disappear very soon! The March campaign will be launched on the 7th!
  14. Jasper Damman

    too powerful boost in the NewSoG ver

    The monthly campaigns add to the leaderboard
  15. Jasper Damman

    more then 1 daily quest per day

    Hey @TeknoRapture. The idea of a daily quest was one per day. But we might increase the size of the quest (and rewards). Also something we plan to do at some point is allow the player to get more daily quests by watching an ad video: https://trello.com/c/TWsqrLHS/297-get-an-extra-daily-quest-by-watching-a-video-ad What are your thoughts on this?