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  1. Jasper Damman

    Cards drop rate

    Hi! We did a big manual testing round this week with a fresh account, purchasing 20.000 cards with gold. We got all 8 different legendaries at least 2 times, all epics at least 8 times and all rares lots of times as well. In total we got 27 legendaries and 216 epics. This all matches the random purchase factor fine. For those who are wondering: Every time you purchase a card with gold, you have the following chances: common: 80% rare: 18.9% epic: 1% Legendary: 0.1% There are no additional rules for other devices etc. Hope this helps you guys, thanks for the reports!
  2. Jasper Damman

    Suggestion: Convert Epics to Leg/something

    Thanks for the suggestion, we added the idea to Trello.
  3. Jasper Damman

    Victory bonus is not added

    @cdex @Shorty1315 @majorblunt This is solved now! Enjoy
  4. Jasper Damman

    DEC Monthly Leader Board issue

    Hey. Thanks for the report. Yes we had some issues with the leaderboard. From now on it should go well, or are you encountering new problems still?
  5. Jasper Damman

    Challenge leaderboard?

    Hey @trebormag, Thanks for the suggestion. It was suggested and voted for before by players here https://trello.com/c/1QkpzySx/313-raid-challenge-leaderboard-or-add-these-points-to-the-general-leaderboard . We're keeping it in mind!
  6. Jasper Damman

    RAID gain new rank not trigger given card anymore?

    @Bigfishhead Did you get card rewards when progressing to the other ranks?
  7. Jasper Damman

    Stamina refill button

    Hi @trebormag Thanks for letting us know the urgency of this. I created a trello card for it on our roadmap: https://trello.com/c/wBzRsNiZ/359-refill-stamina-button-on-stamina-bar . Please vote there. Perhaps we'll include it in the coming releases
  8. Jasper Damman

    Cards drop rate

    Hey! We didn't change anything regarding the drop rates or percentages. Also there is no maximum or anything, just a 0.1% chance each draw. So with 4000 cards you were indeed unlucky :(. Let's hope you'll be more lucky in the future!
  9. Jasper Damman

    Reinstall on new phone won't restore progress

    Your account looks fine in our database, so we can assure you nothing is lost. We're investigating the issue
  10. Jasper Damman

    Card next tier states preview function is buggy

    Hey! Thanks for the report. About this feature, we saw it confused quite some people. So we're removing it for now, we'll be adding it again somewhere in the coming months in a different way. At the same time, we also want to allow the player to view the final state of each card, so he knows if the investment will be worth it.
  11. Jasper Damman

    RAID gain new rank not trigger given card anymore?

    Hi! Thanks for the report. You should have indeed received card rewards when you get to a new rank for the first time. For this rank it should have been 5 random cards. We're going to investigate, could you please share the following info: - OS (web,android,IOS) - Device type - OS version
  12. Jasper Damman

    Spell pushed off screen

    @cdex Hey, yes if you are unlucky with the spell placement this can happen indeed. In that case the only solution if you want to use that spell is to hit it very quickly. Good luck and have fun!
  13. Jasper Damman

    Minion slayer count doesnt go up

    Thanks! Looking into this
  14. Jasper Damman

    Level generator

    Hello Klarnar, thanks for the suggestion! I added your suggestion to our roadmap suggestions: https://trello.com/c/CHcddkO8/346-allow-community-to-create-levels Yes, we want to have the players to be able to create all kinds of user generated content, among which levels.