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  1. Global Leaderboard does not update

    Thanks! Added your raid & challenge suggestion to trello https://trello.com/c/1QkpzySx/313-raid-challenge-leaderboard
  2. Pvp-rank symbol inconsistent

    Sharp! Also added it, thanks! https://trello.com/c/1xUbvlM2/312-raid-icon-inconsistent-on-player-page-and-raid-page
  3. Crystallize blockchain cards for "0"

    Thanks for the feedback, I agree! Here is the suggestion: https://trello.com/c/PUT2l8fr/311-remove-lvl1-blockchain-cards-when-crystallizing-is-selected
  4. Hey @phanpp, thank you for the suggestion. We are currently designing a new improved leaderboard, indeed with more prominent presence. Here is the Trello card, I added your suggestion on it as wel to put it on the play screen: https://trello.com/c/YlFj85P2/294-leaderboard-rewards-representation-in-the-game
  5. Hi @jjjj Thanks for the feedback, I added your suggestion about crystals to Trello as well: https://trello.com/c/QCz4C17S/306-replace-crystals-for-another-more-different-currency
  6. I didn't get diamonds

    @Valrukas Thanks for the report. But you shouldn't receive gems when you level up your character (only your stamina is refilled). Do you refer to an achievement instead?
  7. Costs were through the roof indeed. But the idea of adding stats if you blockchainize could be an idea indeed, thanks for that. I added a card for it on Trello, feel free to comment/vote on it further there: https://trello.com/c/MtEmmIVh/304-let-stats-of-card-increase-when-you-blockchainize-it
  8. Hello @jjjj, thank you for the suggestion! And welcome to the forum. I added your suggestion to our trello board: https://trello.com/c/IPZP9D0f/303-deduct-hearts-on-a-per-wave-basis and responded to it. Feel free to comment/vote on your idea/other ideas further over there.
  9. Extended Achievements

    Hello @TeknoRapture, thank you for the idea. @KingSlamma had a similar idea of adding bronze,silver and gold variations on the stars: https://trello.com/c/yaaOm8W2/224-extra-achievement-stars Feel free to comment on there as well. Currently we are working on bugs, and blockchainization is consuming a lot of time. Also there are new features planned what has our first priority honestly. But it is certainly something we keep in mind, as it is a requisted feature by our most loyal players!
  10. XP per Level

    You're welcome! Sure: Rank Rank points gained victory Rank points lost defeat Rank points needed next rank Gold earned victory Pack reward first time rank up 1 10 0 25 10 com+ 2 10 0 30 15 com+ 3 10 1 40 20 2com+ 4 10 3 50 25 2com+ 5 10 5 60 30 rare+com+ 6 10 7 70 40 2com+ 7 10 10 90 50 2com+ 8 10 12 110 60 3com+ 9 10 15 130 70 3com+ 10 10 20 150 80 epic+2com+ Bronze(Br) 10 25 200 90 5com+ Silver(Si) 10 30 200 100 7com+ Gold(Go) 10 40 200 110 legendary+4com+ Genesis(Ge) 10 50 200 120 10com+
  11. XP per Level

    Hello @Yeps Here you go: 1 2 50 3 90 4 170 5 290 6 460 7 680 8 960 9 1300 10 1700 11 2180 12 2720 13 3350 14 4050 15 4840 16 5710 17 6670 18 7720 19 8860 20 10110 Good luck with your spreadsheet!
  12. Spell disapear

    Hi Windblaze! Thanks for the notice. We already heard this complaint before, and I agree with you that it should be solved. The only way to cleanly solve this problem is to completely pause the speed of the shot while a spell is being activated (currently it goes in slow-motion). This might affect the play experience though, what do you think? We will probably test this internally.
  13. Improve leader board

    Hi bjoorn! Thanks for the suggestion and the example from world of warcraft. I added it to the trello board: https://trello.com/c/YctpaqUA/225-view-other-players-profile-and-achievements
  14. Badges and prizes for it.

    Hi @daimlercs. Thanks for the positive feedback! On our Trello roadmap you can see what was already suggested. Your suggestions mix a bit with the following ones, hope it will help you. Also I invite you to vote and comment on them in Trello, so we know what the community wants us to prioritize on. Combo shots: https://trello.com/c/auAm06bu/222-combo-shot View other players' achievements: https://trello.com/c/YctpaqUA/225-view-other-players-profile-and-achievements Funny/goofy achievements/quests (I added your boss one here) https://trello.com/c/t45ZhAuO/261-fun-goofy-achievements-quests
  15. For mobail, Hard to view the SoG website

    Hi ごっつ Thanks for the suggestion, I made a trello card about it, where you can follow: https://trello.com/c/I15es75s/289-redesign-mobile-website-especially-so-ios-users-can-link-wallet