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  1. Solved it, thanks for help and quick PM/mails On the login box, it says you can use either username OR email + pass, but for now it seems only username + pass is working. If you try to login with email + pass, it won't work.
  2. Answered you on PM. The link you gave me have the same problem, it gives me "Login error ! Invalid credentials ..." when i try to log in. Sent you an email, as requested.
  3. Can't create an account, the problem is as follows: I sign up, I get the "activation email" into MY SPAM folder, which is bad anyway. I am using the link, it says it activated and when I go to log in, it says "Login error ! Invalid credentials ..." I've tried reseting the password, getting the link, chosing a new password, then getting the same error. I've also tried it on a different browser, same problem ! How am I supposed to fix this , make a working account and play the game ?