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  1. Waiting for Stamina refill is boring and frustrating, of course it is still possible to have a complete refill with a couple of gems. But what about a special set of legendary cards, let's call it Stamina Cards, whitout any game power but that once are at their maximum level eneable a faster stamina refill, I'm thinking about 20 second bonus for any maxed stamina card in the deck with a limit of 12 stamina card maxed, so a maxium of 240sec bonus (4 min. bonus, 6 min. for any new stamina point). Those cards have to be created in an unlocked series so everyone could have this premium features. I feel that those cards are very valuable, in my opinion could be sold for 150bcy each (with bcy at 30c of dollar ) so it need 1200bcy and TONS of gems (2760) to have the maximum possible effect.
  2. What about one or some fashion card/s that enable/s some optional cosmetic changes (graphic, sounds) in the game. It is a common business model that could be partially implemented in Sog
  3. verry good idea kingslamma
  4. Hallo, what about some official high quality merchandise products such as shirts, cups and a real limited edition (200pcs x year) super high quality annual book with all the card issued and the team "real" signature. I'm thinking about "Spell of Genesis official handbook 2015" - "Spell of Genesis official handbook 2016" - "Spell of Genesis official handbook 2017" a short story of what happend that year and the history and image of any card (who got the idea, why, who paint the image....) You can sold those stuff via swapbot for bcy and burn the half of the net profit (not the revenues)
  5. Gain some gold or other bonuses for more than 2 enemies dead with a single shoot, This could be also a daily achievement (example: perform 7 combo shoot) For every type of combo shoot (3-4-5-6... enemies dead with one single shoot) it need some graphic and sound, something like when you get a rare-epic-legendary card from summon.
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