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  1. Argo

    About the fees

    BCH is the future, BTC may be worth 1 bazillion dollars but it is dead as cryptocurrency think about that any other blockchain is better than BTC for us
  2. Argo

    About the fees

    SOG trades are totally messed, every card has “no buyers” in BOO, sell orders are disappearing counterparty DEX is a desert, no orders the public merchant swapbots is selling very few cards with a 40$ BTC transaction fee the game is dead you should trash BTC and go to a blockchain where we can play (BCH or LTC or anything else !) if you dont like to migrate blockchain, do something else to solve the problem to stay alive
  3. Argo

    About the fees

    they should have change blockchain long time ago ... laziness ?
  4. do you really want to spend more real money ? please change the costs in something like 1st card: 300 crystals OR 5 gems 2nd card: 900 crystal OR 35 gems 3rd card: 2700 crystal OR 150 gems
  5. Argo

    1.2.8 black screen

    since last upgrade after any game round i see a black screen, i have to restart the game to play again.fix it please
  6. Argo


    i have just play : with full vigor (21) 3 battles cost 7 each; now i have to wait 3+ hours for another game :((
  7. Argo

    Order pull-down menu

    very nice !
  8. Argo


    notify when there is another daily quest or when vigor is full
  9. Argo


    vigor is a problem, you play some battle and then have to wait hours ... this freemium game have the blockchain cards for those who wish to spend money, why add another money request ? people can fly away at least, reduce the vigor requirement and reduce the vigor money cost (too high)