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  1. BBristow79

    Just got double charged for a blockchainization

    Hi, What was my total prior to the 101 gems. The initial card I had for the month was 200 crystals. This had no issues and went through normally. However a little while later I was on my second card and when I attempted to pay the 35 gems it hung. I then tried again and it went through. Pretty sure it was a total of 70 gems and not 35. Thanks for looking into it for me.
  2. Account Lexenn01 The first time froze and didn't go through so I did it again (35 gems) the second time went through but was double charged. I would like one back please. Thanks!
  3. I was trading coins for cards today when I accidentally hit "1 Rare or better card" for 20 gems. I would very much like to have the gems back that I used for the one rare and one common card. At this point in the game for me one stam refill (2 gems) would've yielded me better cards. Please put a confirmation pop-up for all gem purchases. It's a costly mistake to make. Also if you can remove the 8 crystals I got and refund the 20 gems that would be fantastic. Account: Levenn01
  4. BBristow79

    Experience not gained

    I came here with this problem too. Account: Lexenn01 A few days ago I stopped gaining experience from regular levels and PVP. I've been playing a lot to blockchain some cards and I would've easily leveled again by now.
  5. BBristow79

    About the fees

    I was looking to sell some of my collection and saw the fee prices. It would cost me hundreds of dollars to transfer not that many cards. It's crazy. On a side note is anyone buying collections?
  6. It is unbalanced. If they continue this route they really need to up the drop rates of epic and legendary cards. It's not balanced at all right now
  7. This feels a lot like an attempt to drive people towards buying crystals. I'm not a fan of the giant decrease in gold drops. Not a fan myself.
  8. BBristow79

    Card Pending for 5+ Days

    The blockchain is at capacity. If the fee that you used was not high enough your transaction will sit in limbo until the mempool (outstanding transactions) get under control. It's the current issue facing BTC and why everyone's interested in a solution. You will get it eventually, sometimes it can take a while though. The only other option is to use a higher fee which can get expensive.
  9. BBristow79

    Post your highest damage total

    Mine was on this level too. Except it was close to 200. Not from my guys but rather the spike walls trapping some orbs and causing them to take LARGE amounts of damage. Nice team. Similar to mine. 2 Mages, 2 Fire Angels
  10. BBristow79

    Project ORB update

    Great update. Any news on FoW?
  11. BBristow79

    Global Launch - hold it!

    There is no rationalizing with the other side of this argument right now. People have different opinions on this and are in trenched in their views. Both sides are more than welcome to have their personal views, to be honest there's no perfect answer. I'm hoping we can keep this out of the SoG forum, if you feel the need to talk go to r/bitcoin or r/btc. Right now the only thing we can agree on is that we disagree. Which is fine. We can let the market dictate the final outcome. Pertaining to SoG blockchain cards/transfers faster and cheaper > slower and more expensive. There is no doubting that. If the BTC blockchain can't fit these needs than the team will have to re-evaluate what the best course of action would be. It is a really tough time to be a fan of Bitcoin right now with so much toxicity around it. At this point I don't care which solution wins out, as I can see merit in both, I just want it done!