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  1. Zzzaaakkk

    Raid PvP 'hack'

    Hello. I just won against Ge and lost my rank like I would lost a match, not won as i did.
  2. Zzzaaakkk

    Crystallize a card did not give crystals

    I tried to do it again but it works fine for me for now. So screenshots aren't helpful if everything works normally Thanks
  3. Zzzaaakkk

    Crystallize a card did not give crystals

    Hello ofcourse no problem, i crystalized most of all common, and some of them were rare thats all. I normally updated game to 1.2.11, and all cards which i've crystalized disappeared. And in mesasage which everyone got after crystalizing was also written that all my cards were crystalized for 0 crystals. Greetings
  4. Hello, i crystalized cards for around 100crystals, but i didnt get crystals. Just burned them..
  5. Zzzaaakkk

    No ads video for stamina

    Hello again, same from me as deluzi said. Yesterday suprising got one video to watch after few weeks
  6. Zzzaaakkk

    No ads video for stamina

    Yesterday worked again like few times...
  7. Zzzaaakkk

    About the fees

    Dark aodh was sold for 1000bcy thats probably why
  8. Zzzaaakkk

    No ads video for stamina

    Hello guys. One question, am i the only one facing the problem to be playing non stop(using gems) and get no stamina ads to increase health for 5 hearts. When the update came, video worked normally for me for day, two or three. Than gone. Greetings
  9. Zzzaaakkk

    Hash error

    Exactly. I talked to them yesterday, and they're fixing a thing. Got my gems which i bought yesterday, so just wait a little.
  10. Zzzaaakkk

    Hash error

    Any news?
  11. Zzzaaakkk

    Hash error

    10minutes ago, i've tried to buy the cheapest pack of gems (35), but happened the same thing as before.. Cheers
  12. Zzzaaakkk

    Hash error

    Ok thanks
  13. Zzzaaakkk

    Hash error

    And when i want to buy another 800gems, i get a message:
  14. Zzzaaakkk

    Hash error

    I would be thankful if you could give me those gems so i can play