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    Guys. I decided to go back and play resolutely after a 2 month break. I think that in the seasons you can try to win something. But now, looking at today's statistics for the current month, the desire to srau disappeared. I understand that there are still a lot of bugs as before, but when I see a player who collected 12 thousand and 33 thousand points for the first place in 12 hours, I already want to cry .... Having legendary blockchain cards per day with a stamina of 36-40, I can knock out an average of 5-6 thousand points in a day (i passed all levels) .... since these guys were able to score so much? This is very damaging to the game in all plans. Answering the questionnaires that the players would like to see in terms of improvements, now I can definitely say !! Remove the cheaters from the game, fix bugs or prove how it is possible? If you can not do it automatically, then do it by hand. Then honest players will play then. And if you can not .... then the game will remain devs, cheaters and their bots .... then you can turn off the project. Thank you for attention.
  2. Same problem .... approve it. (Android 5.0 device)
  3. 10 gays go ... still nothing. Lady bug card is absent. https://walletapp.indiesquare.me/explorer/#/tx/9d61d7288b62a8645269d4453beba5490c79dc9bdf1622a1d0ada22c7ed00891 it is link sended to my mail 08 december 2017 .... but blockchain explorer couldnt resolve transaction
  4. Hi. Same problem. Login flowless. Card name ladybug. Blockchanized about 1-2 weeks ago .... still absent in my account.