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  1. Hi Update: after contacting devs/administrators they quickly resolved my problem. Tnx for help ! All best, BlaBla
  2. Hi When i try to paste the BoO address on the web page in to the xpr section . I get the address already in the database error. Sounds like this address should be the right one, the same one. But the card still dosnt show in the game after 2+ days. Tnx for the reply.
  3. Hi again Congratulations on the global lunch! I have still question how to correctly link xrp from book of orbs to the game. I think i did everything correct , i bought 1 card to test with bitcrystals, i can see it in book of orbs ,but it dosnt show in the game. When trying to change/update the address on the page, it says address already in database or similar. If u could help i would be greatfull. Tnx
  4. Blabla

    Game progres lost

    Hi I send u pm with username . Is there any news or explanation on the issue? Tnx
  5. Blabla

    Game progres lost

    Hi Tdy i changed my password via profile settings on your homepage. When i lunched the game 1.0.4 android, typed in new password all game progress is lost. The game is at the start level 1. Also i tried to link my xrp wallet from book of orbs via profile tab on web site, nothing seams to happen when i click update address , my address never shows up in profile. great game looking forward for future progress! Tnx, blabla