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  1. Nice to see in-app purchases included!
  2. Thanks for sharing Jasper, looking forward to the re-balnce completion.
  3. SoGFan

    About card releases schedule

    Fair enough, I do agree that without cards there is not much use for BCY.
  4. My experience with ShapeShift is their systems are always down, I mean the exchange is fine most of the times but when you need to use a dedicated api or exchange system they are very unreliable.
  5. SoGFan

    Instantly Refil Stamina

    Yes I had the same issue, I didn't want to spend 2 gems for stamina but clicked on the window and paid them. Then I learned not to click on popups if I didn't want to "ok" them.
  6. SoGFan

    ✅ Close Button For Menu Options

    I agree especially when you get prompted to max your stamina with 2 gems when very low. People may click on the button and pay 2 gems just to close the pop up. This could also be considered a bug, I think.