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Found 15 results

  1. I'm not sure if this has been proposed before (I'm sure others have had this thought), but it would be nice if something was implemented that allowed players to exchange epic cards for something greater, such as legendaries. People who have been playing for awhile likely have a large buildup of epics. They aren't really worth exchanging for 25 crystals with their rarity, but they aren't getting used either. I'm not looking to make 4 more Overarmed Dwarves, for example, but I've still kept the cards for them. With the difference in power and rarity it would need to be a high exchange, but I would love if I could trade in something like 20 random epics for a single unfused legendary. I personally don't think it would upset the player balance a whole lot other than making long term, non-paying players a bit stronger (as they haven't purchased powerful blockchain cards). Additionally, it would be another avenue for players to focus on when trying to improve their decks. Once all quests are completed the game feels quite monotonous as you're left waiting for the next monthly campaign or the very rare legendary drop to improve your deck. Just a thought.
  2. trebormag

    Challenge leaderboard?

    How far do you get? Post your highest waves here! For sure a global/monthly Challenge leaderboard inside the game would also be great!
  3. trebormag

    Card level up animation

    If you level up a card with crystals, the card starts spinning for some seconds and stops just with the same stats as before 😞 Only after 1 or 2 seconds later the stats are updated Would be nice if card stops already with the updated stats shown 🙂
  4. broKerage

    Interface out of the box

    Not really an issue, but I guess you could smooth the interface to cut vvhat I surrounded in red on the screenshot!
  5. Klarnar Sempravivo

    Movable objects

    Add a new type of objects - the movable one. So the players can move them by hitting with the beam or enemy orbs. That type of object may have weight as a hidden attribute, so moving distance will depend on beam speed.
  6. trebormag

    additional order options

    Feature request: add order by speed, health, strength, spell and in-game cards. Latter would be really great especially if you have a lot of blockchain cards. Now if you want to view your in-game cards for level-up/fusing you have to order by blockchain an click through all the boxes :-(
  7. I think you gain 10 for winning a raid and lose 50 if you're defeated. The spread is way too drastic. Raid is still extremely hard, even with an insanely powerful deck. This needs to be closer.
  8. Pvp-rank "symbol" should be consistent. Now it shows only numbers at the "players screen" e.g. "13" but e.g. "Go" at the "Raid screen"
  9. If you select "Crystallize": All blockchain cards are displayed, even if they are at the lowest level. If you select such a card it shows that it could be crystallized for "0" crystals! Please only display blockchain cards with higher levels where you really can get crystals out of them! If you have a lot of blockchain cards it's now really confusing and you have to scroll a lot through the boxes to find the cards.
  10. It would be really nice to be able to click on player names and see game statistic, cards in inventory and so on. Something like this: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/ragnaros/armory
  11. So, have been playing this game for months. I really love it and i feel that i have to give my contribution. I always been playing other games for ages and its a awesome idea how achievements can contribute to the game in both sides (players and developers). So, here is some ideas: - Win badges for some Boss that was defeated for example. - "Combos kills" should give also badges and also gold or cards - The badges must be visible to other players Thats all for now. Thanks in advance.
  12. TeknoRapture

    100 Cards Option in the Shop

    I'm at a higher level now and usually wait for 10000 gold to buy cards and it's getting to be a pain to keep clicking on the button, so why not add a 100 cards button? It looks like there's enough room. Also there does seem to be a better chance for epics doing it this way but I think that's just a statistical fallacy...
  13. bjoorn

    Enemy Drops

    Suggestion: Enemies sometimes/often drops containers that contains zero to many items. A player could collect a container with the next shoot. Items in a container could be; new quest, crafting items - to be used in a crafting system as suggested by @KingSlamma , money, cards, crystals, stamina refill, bitcrystals... Drop rate of various kinds items and card specific items in a container: For example "dragon blood", used in some potion, could have a drop rate of 1% of one kind of easy "common" dragon and a much higher drop rate on a hard "rare" dragon that you meet in a top level or in a 55+ wave at challenge for example. Quests drops: Containers could sometimes contain new quests. And could contain items used in a quest or in a quest chain, like a drop from a specific enemy at an specific level.
  14. Robert

    Gameplay breakdown

    Nothing of significant impact has changed in the fundamentals / mechanics of gameplay since the beginning. I'm opening this topic to research new or improved game mechanics. Initial ideas: put a timer on shooting put a timer on the level in game index of SOGassets, especially being able to see the "upgrade tree" for a card when you look at the card. I'm constantly annoyed by having to go to the web to do that.
  15. Serait-il possible de permettre le parrainage ? en s'interfaçant sur de compte Google+, Facebook, twitter, twitch... Ca pourrait même être de nouvelles quêtes 5 filleuls, 10 filleuls, 20....