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Found 1 result

  1. Hi EDS, Great game. Just a suggestion, but how about you distribute some BCY to the top 500 on the leaderboard (enough to enable the purchase of a blockchain card) to get this game and economy going. Give it a stronger heartbeat. I'm sure it's doing ok already, but my opinion is it could be doing MUCH better if everything was functioning better. Do you not have BCY set aside for promotion/marketing? I think distributing some BCY to your loyal players would have the following benefits overall: 1. Allow players to purchase a blockchain card thus getting that market more revved up. This would benefit merchants and players that have previously invested in blockchain cards. Maybe once a player gets 1 card, they will like it so much that they'll go back and purchase more for themselves. 2. BCY volume would increase and get the attention of market traders. Decrease the chance of removal from exchanges. 3. Improve useage/play time from a greater number of players as more players would want to be in the top 500. Players may spend money on Gems in order to crack the top 500. And many more benefits I'm sure. Don't wait for a heart attack to hit and the game to die down - give it a Kickstart now. Thank you.