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Found 7 results

  1. Nothing focuses attention like PRICE. For this reason I think the best way to capture the public imagination for SOG is emphasise Game Cards as a "store of value". I remember when the price of a Satoshicard was valued at $10,000 and it got wide publicity. This promotional tack worked and will work over and over again. The Satoshicard is the "Mona Lisa" for the blockchain game card collectors world, even though it was not the first. Everytime it reaches new height in value it draws attention to all the other cards and the SOG game. One aspect of the cars is that it is divisible. Just a thought. Perhaps owners of fractions can get together in a Clan game and get the benefit of the powers of the card if it adds up to a whole card. This will probably make all the divisible cards which are no longer issued more valuable and rare. Maybe they should be given "powers of divisibility". I digress @hikergirl1234 Can we have a Orb Marketcap similar to Coin Marketcap ? @KingSlamma Did you get the cards you wanted. Glad to see you back. @Shaban Thanks. though I don't understand the part on trading orbs on different blockchains.
  2. Spells of Genesis Black Friday Offers are Here!
  3. EverdreamSoft Certifies the "Freeze" of 18 000 000 BCY ERRATUM: “During the initial token sales of BCY for the crowdfunding of the project Spellsof Genesis (SoG) as ICO (Initial Coin Offering), Everdreamsoft created 100′000′000 BCY.” It was not 1′000′000′000 BCY as stated previosuly. EverdreamSoft apologizes for the mistake
  4. As every month, since one year and half, we've just burnt a half of our card sales income in BitCrystals and here's the BCY Burn Report! This month we burnt over 32 000 BCY, which represents almost 9 000 USD. Find below the overview of the BCY burns done so far. Thanks for helping us to increase the amount of BitCrystals to be burnt by buying blockchain cards. Thank you for your great support, the global launch is almost here! More details coming soon...
  5. Hello, here's the latest BitCrystals Burn Report! Find below the BCY burns overwiev. Have a great day you all! BCY BURN REPORT #2 1.2.- 28.2.2017.pdf
  6. Chers supporteurs de SoG, février vient de commencer et cela veut dire que, de même qu'au début de chaque mois depuis plus d'un an, nous vous présentons le "burn report" du mois précédent. BCY BURN REPORT #1 1.1.- 31.1.2017.pdf En janvier 2017, nous avons brûlé presque 60 000 BCY, une somme valant plus de 12 000 USD. Ceci est plus que la moyenne mensuelle de l'an dernier. Comme discuté préalablement avec les SoG partenaires , EverdreamSoft reversera 100% du revenu de la vente de LAMUSECARD à La Muse Bouge. Néanmoins, nous avons brûlé l'équivalent des 50% de cette somme, en prenant des BitCrystals de notre propre réserve. Merci pour votre soutien!
  7. Dear SoG supporters, February has just started and this means that, as every first week of the month, we're bringing you the "BitCrystals Burn Report" for the previous month! BCY BURN REPORT #1 1.1.- 31.1.2017.pdf In January 2017, we burnt nearly 60 000 BCY, an amount worth of over 12 000 USD. This is slightly more than last year monthly average. As previously discussed with the Partners, and approved by them, EverdreamSoft is going to transfer 100% of the income from the LAMUSECARD sale to La Muse Bouge. Nevertheless, we burnt the equivalent of 50% of this amount, taking it from our own stock. Thank you for being with us!