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  1. bjoorn


    Problem: Bots ruining the game experience for everyone. I'm guessing this is already a problem today(!) and a problem that only will grow bigger if not dealt with properly. So please address this ASAP. Suggestion: A in-game captcha system to protect the community against bot cheaters. Make it available at a RANDOM time between 20 minutes to an hour and trigger ONLY after you have killed/gained something. This is so that you can't time when it happens and get your bots to do it. You have 1 minute to complete the captcha. Completing the captcha will reward you some 5% experience boost that lasts for 10 minutes. If you fail, you have 2 more tries (each try resets to new image with diffrent angle, but time still counts down). If you fail all three you will be returned to Main Screen and a "Detention" debuff that reduces all your stats by 80%, and an shameful icon appears. The Detention debuff lasts 15 minutes. If this repeats the player will kicked from the game and restricted for 12 hours. This could easily be the best way to clear up bots/spammers without harming both premium and regular players in any way, no matter how "annoying" it is to complete the captcha about every 45 minutes. Most bots would end up being removed. There could be other types of captcha as well. But they should be easy for humans and hard for bots to complete.
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