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Found 83 results

  1. Pixel 3 xl Latest Android, latest game release I always keep sound off. Any time I start the game, the sound stays off. However if I'm using bluetooth headphones and start the game, the fx sounds stays on. When I open sound settings, it shows both music and fx at zero. When i exit the settings, sound stops playing even though I never changed it.
  2. For some reason, it seems like when playing water cards on levels with spikes, they don't get the same kind of protection from the shield spell as other cards. Has anyone else noticed this?
  3. Pixel 3. Latest game release. It worked fine before, but now on December level I finish it unscathed, get the 50% bonus screen for 1020 total gold, but the game only credits me with 680 gold.
  4. I noticed that today a new update got pushed out that includes a new endscreen that rewards you for winning with as many cards alive as possible. If you win with 4 you get 50%, with 3 25%, with 2 10% and with only 1 you get 0% bonus. I love this change as it feels rewarding and gives incentive to play decks that are not total glass cannons. In combination with the ingame gold which is added to the calculation this will make for some outrageously large rewards. Love it! The monthly campaign for example could go from 680 to (680 + 2000 ingame gold) x 50% multiplier = 4020 gold. Unfortunately the implementation seems kind of buggy. I played a yummy challenge and received a decent ingame reward of 584. Total was 584 + 486. I managed to keep all cards alive and thus received a further 50%. So that should add up to around 15xx. After finishing I was at 1075 gold in total. So something does not check out. Maybe the bonus is not added correctly at the moment. Hope you can fix this soon because I am very much looking forward to play with the new reward in mind.
  5. Hi there, I recently achieved pvp level 9, which entitles you to three common cards. I was very surprised that one of the three cards was a Viscula Ladybug, that is the four-leveled Ladybug, which is an in-game blockchain card. Can somebody confirm me whether in-game blockchain cards can now be randomly attained or whether we deal here with a bug (pun intended). By the way, so far no Viscula Ladybug was sent to my account.... Cheers.
  6. Hi Team, I tried very hard and approaching close to rank 12 (Si) in the game. (It is pretty hard due to if you lose one game you likely need to win 4 games or more in a roll to get back to where you were.... base on the current ranking system.) Today I am pretty lucky finally passed it!!! See attached... But I did not get any card draw rewards? Normally every PVP rank you leveled up to first time it should trigger the card draw as an reward? I believe the last level I had on rank 11 (Br) given me a epic card and some other random card. So I was looking forward for the next level reward... But some how this rank 12 (Si) did not trigger any card draws for some reason? Is the rank 12 the final level? That is why it did not give card draw reward? Or there more levels.... What happens if you reach the final level? Thanks for the help. Cheers
  7. Hi! After facing this issue several times, I managed to take some screenshots: Starting with 82 Points: Game over: 20 points subtracted for loss, OK: But half hour later I logged in again and another 20 points are missing :-((( So total -40 points for one loss 😞 Shouldn't it be only -20 points??? Cheers!
  8. Have Earth Affinity quest for 3 battles with Earth card in deck. Just used Yummy Bowl in 3 (won them all) but Earth Affinity quest still shows 0/3. Pretty sure same thing happened when using Alrik last month.
  9. Latest release, latest Android version The main screen says I have 1/3 raid available. When I click on raid, I don't have one available.
  10. trebormag


    Dear SoG Team! Congrats for your new version and the 2 new campaigns! Well done! But to make the game even more perfect I have 4 more suggestions/bug reports for you 😉 1.) Just before the update was available at play store, the previous version showed: That's bit confusing because it says "Please close the app.." but there is only the "login" button which takes you here: And no option to close the app. The "back" button from Android also doesn't work and you have to kill the app... Suggestion: "Close" Button which closes the app instead of "login" Button 2.) Web Version: Both on Firefox and Chromium (Ubuntu): If you click "Visit a Table!" it wants to open it in the same tab/window instead of a new one. So if you click "Leave" http://atablegame.io will open and if you hit back in your browser the game starts loading again! If you didn't register and are on "private browsing" all game progress is lost 😞 Please open in new tab/window like the mobile versions do! 3.) Was testing the game from beginning: 2 times there is the "hand" missing: One time where you should buy your first card, it doesn't guide to "shop" (no screenshot) And one time (see screenshot) where you should tab on "Adventurer" at the upper left corner. This is very hard for a new player to figure out how to continue!!! 4.) After refilling your stamina with 2 gems at a "Battle start screen", it takes you back to the map and you have to tab on the specific battle again. Some versions ago it automatically got back to the "Battle start screen". That was much more comfortable 🙂 after refill: instead of here: Cheers!
  11. Hi! I imported my old collection address as "watch only" into BoO. It should contain all of the first 101 issued SoG Cards. But it only shows 99 cards 😞 After digging a bit: XULNOCCARD and MERCHANTCARD are not recognized in BoO. www.sogassets.com show them correctly (see screenshots) Could someone check if XULNOCCARD and MERCHANTCARD are also not recognized in SoG game? I can't test... collection is on paper wallet.. BoO only shows the ingame card CARDMERCHANT which can be blockchainized from the game. And the label is wrong. Should be "North and South" not "West and East": There is also a bit mess here: "Card Merchant: West and East" is shown as ingame card, but it's the blockchain card MERCHANTCARD from 2016 There should be a "North and Soth" which evolves from "South" not "1459" Cheers!
  12. I have installed the Casa Tookan wallet but it does not really work that well on my phone because the screen size is all screwed up. I tried to enter my book of orbs seed to restore the wallet but that does not work so I created a new wallet and tried to link my account/bookoforbs wallet somehow but I cannot get it to work. When I use the Tookan browser to get to open the bookoforbs symbol this opens the web version. Is that supposed to be where I enter my seed? How can I make sure my account is linked to receive the ETHERMAGE card?
  13. Do not seem to be getting any extra 'lightning power' from adverts/rewards system hope you can get it fixed asap thanks
  14. Bonjour de Paris et à l'équipe. J'ai procédé hier à la blockchainisation de ma carte légendaire. ALRIK THE FIGHTER et malheureusement elle a totalement disparu de mon jeu de cartes Spells or Genesis. Elle n'apparaît pas non plus sur mon portefeuille Book of Orbs mais uniquement sur Casa Tookan mais sans l'effigie.Est'il est aussi normal que dans balances elle soit dans Contrepartie et non dans Sort ou Genesis? Cordialement.krueg1967
  15. Channel: Android Play Store Channel 4 (with in-app purchases) Device/browser and Operating System: Moto G4 Plus / Android OS v7.0  I am trying to get ETHERMAGE card. I received the email with coupon code. In this email button "Send me my gift" disabled. I copied the coupon code to form in Casa Tookan. But then I click "Claim your gift!' I see message "Coupon not found". Could I get ETHERMAGE card?
  16. Hi Guys, 1. The DEC monthly Leader board did not kick start at beginning of Dec like another months does which is first issue. So basically all of the campaign gold are not calculated into the new Dec month in the past few days. 2. Recently today on my first log into the game the Leader Board ranking/gold calculation refreshed again. I received a pop up shows that I finished in place of 281 for the month and 3500 gold reward... which clearly a mistake/bug. I was placed within 50 a few hours ago even with the past few days in gold not calculated correctly issue in above 1. Overall it looks like some bugs for Leader Board....
  17. Happened twice. Both times on November Feast. See screenshots
  18. Hi Team, First of all, this error does not prevent games playing. Just a little annoying really. Nothing major. It looks like a alert and only triggers very first time when you trying to do this in the game after you logged in and try to swap cards positions. But once you click on on and this error sort of go away and you can keep playing as normal. I found this only on game version 1.2.18 but not 1.2.17. To replicate this please try below. 1. Log into game and click on Team tab. 2. swap cards that are currently in the 4 main battle slots on your deck. 3. You can either swap those 4 cards position between them or bring new cards into the deck by select one of the 4 cards and then select one other cards in your card box. Then you should have below error.
  19. Bigfishhead

    Linking wallet error

    Hi Team, I got attached error when try to link BoO wallet. Game version 2.19 On Android 7.0 I tested on my other account same it has the same issue. So it seems across the board issue. Cheers
  20. Latest version on Android 7 Pretty sure it worked before, but not today.
  21. Hi! Since several weeks there are no "Sell High" orders viewed any more in BoO, but there are sell orders at DEX!
  22. Latest game version Android 7 Started King of August level, after loading for a few seconds, it kicked me back to main screen. Tried again. Same result. Tried again. Same result. Still had my stamina, so wasn't a big deal. Decided to close the game and restart it. Upon restart, my 20 stamina was now missing.
  23. Hello, I know that there have been some blockchainization issues that were recently resolved, but it appears that there are still some outlying issues. I was playing SOG today and opened an asset to see that it said it could be blockchainized for 33 crystals. However, upon Blockchainizing the asset, 35 gems were deducted. I know after the first Blockchainization it typically requires crystals, but as you can see in the pictures, that is clearly not what was indicated. Post-Blockchainization I tried opening a different asset and received an error, however this asset also showed 33 crystals.
  24. Hi Everyone, We are really sorry, we currently encounter a technical issue with the blockchainization. Sorry again for the inconvenience, our team is doing its best to solve this as soon as possible. Please do not hesitate to send us a message if you have any further questions. Thanks for your understanding and patience, have a nice game !
  25. Game version number: 1.2.18 Channel: Android Play Store Channel 4 (with in-app purchases) and WebGL (web browser) Device/browser and Operating System: Moto G4 Plus / Android OS v7.0  and Firefox 62.0.3 / MS Windows 10 I tried to blockchaine my card ("Aodh the Dark"). It was first blockchainization in this month. I received message about error. Card is not blockchaned, but counter got status 1/3. Now I must pay 35 diamonds instead 200 crystals. (200 crystals have not been withdrawn).