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Found 6 results

  1. Trysty

    Another upgrade

    I tried to play and was confronted with a notice saying that an upgrade has appeared and that I should download the new version from the store. I play on my desk-top computer and new versions auto-loaded. This one just sits there. Does this mean I can no longer play? Shame really.
  2. Alright, I'm done! This game has way too many game killing bugs, the latest of which is blockchain cards DISAPPEARING during a battle. Also I sent a couple blockchainized cards to a second account over 3 months ago as a test and that account is STILL messed up, any time I play any match the system just pulls random cards for my team, and not the ones I picked. Without the highly compelling aspect of blockchain based cards to collect AND trade, the gameplay of this game is just kinda "Mhh", and not really worth my time or money. I've watched and played this game for a while and kinda liked it despite all it's flaws. While EDS seems to be trying to fix the bugs, they all take a really long time, and for every 1 bug fixed several more pop up. The cards Market has been shut down for months completely stopping the entire game economy and making all the cards worthless. I wish I could get the hundreds of dollars back that I "invested" through in-game purchases, but I looked into it and Google's policies for in-game purchases fully rely on the devs for a refund (like THAT is ever going to happen lolz!) My only hope is that further down the line other devs start making games that use SoG cards so it won't be a total loss. (Like the 3rd party games coming out for cryptokitties.) R.I.P. SoG, you will be missed! -PS Mods, please approve this post I'd really like to see how the devs address these concerns...
  3. Web version, Chrome, Win 10, High End Gaming Rig (BYOB) This has happened several times during Raids and it has always caused me to lose the raid. Sometimes when a character hits a spike and then a fireball (or vice versa) the fireball just disappears without firing off. I just confirmed that my Fireballer was still alive so it cannot be the improvement players suggested about removing spells by characters that die. Thanks.
  4. Hello, i crystalized cards for around 100crystals, but i didnt get crystals. Just burned them..
  5. TeknoRapture

    Random Raid Rank Loss

    Hello, I had completed all the Raids I had at the time, waiting for scouts, and out of no where I randomly lost 40 points and dropped from Ge rank down to Go. Is this a bug or do you now deduct points if someone beats your team in a Raid? Thanks!
  6. I have encountered a few bugs while playing the game for about a week. 0. My environment Spells of genesis version: 1.2.10 Channel: Android, from Play Store Device: Xiaomi Redmi note 4X & Android 7.0 1.Bugs when rewards are given simultaneously 1) When I try to get the Ad-5♡-stamina-reward and it's on its "loading…" screen,(Edit: oh it doesn't have a loading screen. I think it was just waiting for the reward, then.) 2) and at the same time, the every-10min-1♡-stamina-reward is given, 3) 1) is ignored and I don't get the 5 stamina. Possible related issue: I *think* this happened to me when I was getting the level-up-card-reward too. (Twice, if I remember correctly) The white whirling effect was there like, forever, and when I touched it, it just disappeared without anything. This isn't normal behavior, is it?