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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys, So today after a long run playing SOG, I decided I needed to sell two of my most precious cards in possession. So I went to the marketplace in book of orbs, and even searched in https://sogbazaar.com/cards for my cards to see if they have a price or anyone have traded them before, but I see no match its like my cards that I mentioned are not even in the game?! I was hoping a trusted member in here can guide me on the price I should set for these cards, and instruct me on how to find a reference and why did these cards not show up in the cards list or in the market. Appreciate your support in advance and looking forward for your swift reply!
  2. TeknoRapture

    Card Trading Guide

    Hello, I was wondering if there happens to be a SoG specific guide for trading cards, all I've been able to find is a generic tokenparty guide, and I'm a bit afraid because some cards can be traded in fractions. I don't want to waste any cards! (I'm giving a couple employees of mine cards as "Bonuses") Thank You!
  3. About the blockchain congestion and its impact on transaction high cost and cards delivery time, we are working on different points: adapt the new blockchain cards sale as the volume is low follow what Counterparty is doing for improving its transactions, e.g. CIP 9 & 11. review the technical and project aspect for a 2nd blockchain technology to support SoG blockchain card (selection is not done, but analysis of Ehtereum ERC20 token is started) synchronize these 3 points for the concept of (in-game) cards blockchainization The point of a 2nd blockchain technology is not a small one, needing several steps before implementation planning, so no delivery date is defined now.
  4. Dear fellows. If anyone would like to buy a Satoshi, please contact me. I am willing to sell for BTC or BCC. Price will be negotiated through PM. I will then create a swap bot which only accepts funds from your address. Not sure about BCC, we might have to use escrow there. Will tend to that when it comes to it. I would probably ask an SoG Admin to be the escrower.
  5. Spells of Genesis, the first blockchain-based trading card game, represents a paradigm shift, bringing the very unique feature of true ownership of game cards. Since our successful crowdfunding campaign back in 2015, we’ve been working hard, showing the path to other projects and helping to shape the future of the gaming industry. Now, together with our partner All 4 Games, we’re bringing our vision to the global gaming market! What Can You Expect? At launch, there will be over 200 levels, divided into 20 campaigns. Within the first month after the launch, this number will increase to around 300 levels.The game will be available worldwide, on AppStore and Google Play in nine different languages:English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Turkish and Arabic.The global launch will be preceded by a one-day game downtime, due to the servers maintenance and preparation. All your in-game achievements will be reset, but unused Gems you’ve purchased previously will be then credited back to your account. Special Blockchain Card for Everyone All the players, ancient or new ones, who’ll download and play the new official version from AppStore or Google Play, and who’ll have linked their game account to their wallet by the end of April, will get a special blockchain card, available only on this occasion!The cards will be distributed in the beginning of May. New Adventure The global release is not the end, but a great start of a new and even bigger adventure!Our developers will keep working to add new exciting features, such as the multiplayer mode, or in-game cards tokenization. And much more… On June 29, we’re going to release a new game expansion. After Askian and its inhabitants, you’re going to discover a brand new region - “Marva Magica”. But don’t worry, you won’t be alone in this unknown country. “The Twelve” will accompany you throughout the whole SoG adventure. And you’re going to meet them very soon… Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter to keep yourself updated!
  6. Spirit of the Druids, our special global launch gift, is on its way to your blockchain wallets! I'm going to confirm you when the distribution is finished. If you feel like having fulfilled all the conditions (as described here) but you won't find the card in your wallet, please DM me and I'll double-check it.
  7. I'm afraid the answer may be, "If you don't already know, then it's too late." but, is there a way a newbie can become premium? I've clicked through a ton of links on different webpages and haven't been able to find any explanation on achieving that ability. TIA
  8. KingSlamma

    In Game Card Description

    From tipmebits in Slack "When viewing a card in game, could you provide an option to flip it and reveal it's description... as it appears on swapbot etc as well as the issuing amount The game needs greater emphasis on cards I feel View card descriptions and blockchain numbers: tap once."