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Found 2 results

  1. 3x Satoshicard, 1x Mages of Anonymity, 2x Bitcoinist, 2x Mamagruen, 1x Rest of the Gruen family, 1x Fire Angel, 1x Water Angel, 1x Crystal Dragon,..... tons more. Hi all. I am looking to sell my SoG Account/Collection. If the account can be sold is depending on SoG ToS which I will study. https://sogassets.com/address/128p2i3zJswC5FJj8Zd1S5L9mQNx7fTqGc This is the collection of blockchain cards. There are some more which SoGAssets does not show. These are the ones I have blockchainized and were not originally blockchain cards. The sale is for all Counterparty assets on this address (plus account if legal to be sold): https://xchain.io/address/128p2i3zJswC5FJj8Zd1S5L9mQNx7fTqGc As you can see I have all the base legendary cards quad fused and blockchainized. Further ton of quad fused epics (not all yet blockchainized) My account is on PvP level 14 (highest) and has 7 stars on everything including all monthy campaigns so far. A ton of commons and rares that can be cristalized. All assets will be transacted through escrow. Make me an offer in here or through PM. If you would like to purchase parts of the collection only, This can be done for Satoshicard only but in general I am looking for a single deal. I accept BSV, BCH or BTC. Edit: The ToS seem to be offline when the link on that page is clicked. Unless SoG informs me that selling accounts is prohibited the sale will be for the account also. Or maybe the ToS will be online again later so I can check: https://spellsofgenesis.com/index.php?action=register
  2. Bitanonymous