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Found 2 results

  1. vgrower

    hello guys whats up?

    Hello guys i am new in here please help me to know about awax coin.
  2. Hi everyone, Like all of you, I became very interested in blockchain technology as a way to invest in the future. I decided to play Spells of Genesis because they allowed you to blockchainize your cards and resell them for a profit for BCY, a cryptocurrency. The game provides a mechanism for buying in-game gems which can be used to purchase Loot boxes (random cards) for $USD. Loot boxes let you receive random legendary and epic cards; one is essentially gambling USD in order to get better cards, which they can fuse into blockchain cards. All of this can be done without any kind of actual gameplay. For example, I can purchase $800 worth of cards, buy 10s of loot boxes, crystallize the cards I don't want, and then use my crystals to fuse the cards I want to turn into blockchain assets. You can then sell your assets on the Book of Orbs app for BCY. In other words, Spells of Genesis is a gambling broker which sells you BCY, disguised as a video game. I have been doing this for a few cards. I am waiting for my entire party to be blockchainized, then I'll sell all my cards for a profit in the future. This is why I have downloaded the app. If you want to, the entire app can be used as a mechanism to acquire blockchain securities which can be held like any other financial asset. I am pretty sure loot boxes are against app stores' terms of service, unless all probabilities are disclosed to the users and I am willing to bet that these assets can be classified as securities. Anyways, I hope all of you make lots of money with BCY while it lasts.