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Found 6 results

  1. still waiting on the card reward for March contest any idea when they will be sent ?
  2. I was trading coins for cards today when I accidentally hit "1 Rare or better card" for 20 gems. I would very much like to have the gems back that I used for the one rare and one common card. At this point in the game for me one stam refill (2 gems) would've yielded me better cards. Please put a confirmation pop-up for all gem purchases. It's a costly mistake to make. Also if you can remove the 8 crystals I got and refund the 20 gems that would be fantastic. Account: Levenn01
  3. Context: Upon pressing backspace on the mobile on a battle scren, the user is prompted to exit the app. Imagine if every time you wanted to close your current WhatsApp conversation, you'd be prompted to leave the app and what you'd have to do is click the backspace arrow on the top-left of the screen. It's intuitive for users to click their phone's backspace to return to the last screen that they were at in-game, and having the "exit app" prompt pop up breaks the immersion and causes frustration in the long run. Suggestion: Allow the backspace to return you to the world map from the battle screen, as opposed to prompting the exit. When at the world map, then the backspace can prompt you to exit the app.
  4. Can you please add a confirmation screen for SHOP | EPIC and SHOP | RARE ? I try to use all my stamina before bedtime and last night I touched the wrong button and ended up spending 20 gems that I did not mean to. I am very careful about when I spend 2 to refill stamina and whammo got zinged for 20 gems by accident. That is like 270 stamina wasted at the touch of a button. I was doing my nightly accounting cashing in 10 random cards at a time and my fat finger touched the buy one rare or better card +1 random and before I knew it the order was filled. Ha ha we wish the Book of Orbs transactions were that fast. My thought is to add a Yes/No confirmation screen for the first two options. S'il vous plaît お願いします Onegaishimasu Please and Thank you
  5. Fanlabiz

    Le mode multijoueur

    Bonjour, j'entends parler du mode multijoueur pour SOG, mais j'aimerais avoir un avant gout de ce que cela pourrait etre. Quelqu'un pourrait-il donner une petite description ? merci d'avance A bientot Fanlabiz
  6. dda209

    Futurs niveaux

    Bonjour, j'aimerai savoir si des futurs niveaux seront présent après "the rumor" à la place des nuages ? Si c'est le cas j'ai des idées (elles valent ce qu'elles valent) pour corser la difficulté ou ajouter un peu plus de fun. J'imagine sans mal que vous en avez des tonnes de votre côté.