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  1. Hi reader, I'm new to trading. I feel a bit lost, like this dog in space. I'm a former marketing specialist for Spells of Orbital SOG around 2014/2015 that earned a few bitcrystals. Now I want to understand how the buying & selling of BitCrystals works. From @Nicolas Sierro I got the following documentation: http://bitcrystals.com/img/divers/buy_blockchain_card_use_swapbots.pdf http://bitcrystals.com/img/divers/create_digital_wallet.pdf http://bitcrystals.com/img/divers/create_digital_wallet_connect_to_moonga.pdf http://bitcrystals.com/img/divers/create_digital_wallet_connect_to_sog.pdf http://bitcrystals.com/img/divers/spellsofgenesis_gameplay_and_cards.pdf I've setup my chrome extension with the passphrase and the password. I see bitcrystals appearing, great. I connected it to my SOG account. (didn't see anything happen so far) Regarding my question: "what do you advice to use to sell some bitcrystals?" From @makosch I received the following answer: ok, so you have several possibilities: 1. you can download the Book of Orbs app (it is a mobile counterparty assets compatible wallet/cards album - http://bookoforbs.com/index_eng.html), and it allows you to access the DEX - Counterparty decentralized exchange. There you can sell BitCrystals for XCP. you can define how much BCY you are willing to sell, and the price. 2. You can use Poloniex - https://poloniex.com, which is an exchange website. It may look a bit complex..but you can choose the currency you want to sell your BCY for (BTC, or other). Both solutions above may take some time before your sell offer find a match. If you want to sell them instantly, you can use the 3rd option 3. Shapeshift - https://shapeshift.io/#/coins. You define the currency you want to sell your BCY for and it's done instantly. However, the rate may be a bit less advantageous. I signed up for Poloniex today and it seems complex. I'll be looking at book of orbs and shapeshift in the upcoming weeks. Looking forward to create some proper documentation. Regards, Robert ps. If you have more documentation, please share & advice.
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