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Found 3 results

  1. Suggestion: Enemies sometimes/often drops containers that contains zero to many items. A player could collect a container with the next shoot. Items in a container could be; new quest, crafting items - to be used in a crafting system as suggested by @KingSlamma , money, cards, crystals, stamina refill, bitcrystals... Drop rate of various kinds items and card specific items in a container: For example "dragon blood", used in some potion, could have a drop rate of 1% of one kind of easy "common" dragon and a much higher drop rate on a hard "rare" dragon that you meet in a top level or in a 55+ wave at challenge for example. Quests drops: Containers could sometimes contain new quests. And could contain items used in a quest or in a quest chain, like a drop from a specific enemy at an specific level.
  2. I know we mentioned in a previous suggestion about having moving objects. Well, how about moving enemies!? @Jasper Damman
  3. Suggestion: Levels could contain sleeping / inactive enemies that are activated if you are unlucky or uncarful with a shot. Making the level harder then it has to be.
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