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Found 2 results

  1. Wizards is the Crypto Kitty on EOS. Will be interesting to see if it succeeds. The game starts end of this week I believe. The developers are China based. Why I think this game will catch on is because players will be battling for EOS rewards. I.E. MONEY!!. Not just for fun. Check it out. https://game.wizards.one/#/wizards
  2. Crypto Kitty was a runaway success on Ethereum except that it bog down the Ethereum network. I have watch the EOS network and think that it is simply amazing. Terribly fast. What are the chances of putting SOG on the EOS platform? Airdrop the ingame gold (not bitcrystals) for use in game to all EOS accounts. If this is done I can see the value of SOG cards going to the moon. The immediate introduction of the game to 200k people and maybe even positive value for ingame gold which will also increase value of Bitcrystals. See this as a game on EOS - https://eosauthority.com/space/ and decentralised sports betting -