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Found 4 results

  1. Love the artwork. The fraim is almost too invasive ;-) Here is the non framed artwork
  2. WirelessKFC

    1000 card draw

    after 1000+ draws I didn't draw a single legendary so i decided to save 100k gold and draw 1000 card at once to reduce variance, the results were: 3 legendary 13 epic 194 rare 790 common
  3. In the shop, you can buy 1 rare card for 20 gems or 2 epic cards for 45 gems. I feel like the prices are WAY off. From what I've seen and calculated it is pretty easy to get rare cards, which I think is fine. I have to the odds to about 15-18% when buying the cards 10 at a time in the shop. The odds I've seen for epics are about 1% chance and legendary about .1% or less. To me, buying a rare card for 20 gems is too expensive. I don't know how easy it will be to get gems in the game, but 10 seems to be a better price. If rare cards drop to 10 games I could see the 2 epic cards costing 45 gems, but as it is right now, 2 epics for 45 gems seems like way too good of a deal. if rare cards stay at 20 gems I would recommend raising the price of epics to 60 or more.
  4. I've taken note of over 2000 cards pulled and will probably be able to pull another 1000 in the next few days. From my live stream I pulled about 185 rares and around 10 epics out of about 1100 cards pulls/purchase. So about a 16.8% rate for rares and 1% for epics. I've pulled together my notes from other pulls I've done and rares also added up to almost 16.8% pull rate as well and epics were slightly under 1%. Out of all of these purchases I've only gotten 1 legendary. So I'm thinking the odds of pulling a legendary card are at .1% or less. I just may be unlucky when it comes to legendary. Where it stands now, it would be a .05% drop rate for legendaries. How many epics and legendaries have you pulled? What sort of rates are you getting?