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  1. I think marketing is fun, so lets support the team a bit with this topic. You can only complain if you also provide tips on how to improve the marketing This is a work in progress, updated with tips from you. I'm looking for ways to contact more twitchers, youtbers, indie developers & TCG players. -- PR/Distribution resources: https://game-development.zeef.com/david.arcila Trivial channels: the text on every app update should provide more information. CDEX: Spells of Genesis Tshirts/hats & other apparel. (possibly with your deck on it ) Secondary channels: Small Channels that could be updated: indiedb.com gamejolt.com http://www.deviantart.com/tag/spellsofgenesis BENRPG: Reaching out to crypto communities on on Meetups maybe? Also tell them about the BTCMEETUPCD in case of Bitcoin Meetups... When you pull a card, you can share it on social media (twitter/fb/etc) Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/ Web version should be much better displayed: https://play.spellsofgenesis.com/ also with the webversion, there should be a facebook/twitter/ whatever social channel is possible (addthis?) share option. IMGUR: https://www.facebook.com/groups/IndieGameDevs/permalink/10154601309501573/ Paid acquisition: Video ads (which companies are good at this?) Twitter ads: www.mysocialdatabase.com // https://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=O18s4GsToas Primary channels: Twitch should be somehow better approached... Regarding leaderboards: API regarding player data so people can build stuff they would want to show / know. All time leaderboard: besides points, total hours, total games played, wins, losses etc. Raid / PvP leaderboard, with stats of wins, losses and battles. I've heard this one a couple of times: 90 day Roadmap on the forum with weekly update. -- More suggestions? @tipmebits @BenRPG @Tychaeus @cdex @zippy @phanpp@TeknoRapture
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