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  1. Hi! Some suggestions for improving the German translation: * Translation for Level Up: "Stufenaufstieg" - it's a German translation but I haven’t heard that word before as native German speaker and would never use it :-) „Stufe erhöhen“, "Karte aufbessern" or „Karte aufwerten“ would fit better. * "QUESTS KRISTALLISIEREN VERSCHMELZUNG" are overlapping * "Schergenschlächter" ... never heard before :-) Would look better if divided: "Schergen- schlächter" * "Brennen" doesn’t fit. Suggest "Verbraucht:" or "Einlösen:" * Correct to "Karte ist auf höchster Stufe und Entwicklung" * "STAMINA TOO LOW" is not translated. I suggest to use "Ausdauer zu gering". Also a description of the "heart 10" symbol like "Benötigte Ausdauer:" would be good. * "Karte(n)": first 2 options: remove the (n) 3x 3.: 10 zufällige Karten 4.: ok * "anvisieren" means something like "to focus on". I think "verwundbar machen" fits better. And change to "... 2 more damage" "... 2 Schaden zusätzlich" text is missing Someone German-speaking here? What do you think about my suggestions?
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