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Found 4 results

  1. The new version has gold in the levels that you can shoot to acquire. What amounts have you guys got? So far I've got: 90, 5. Wonder what it goes up to.
  2. This is probably the 9th time this has happened. Are you guys seeing a pattern here? Check my account in your server. You will find that: 1. I won three games in the past 15 minutes, starting with 0/3 Element quest (light element). 2. My gold increased each time. 3. My quest progress did not increase each time (still at 1/3). This is laughable. The devs have tried to "explain away" this problem on the forums, and here it is again. Business guys: you need to hire smarter developers, they are taking months to solve a problem which can be solved in 4 hours. Race conditions at the end-game still exist. Your server has no clue what inconsistent state is. Use a state machine, write unit tests. This is an embarrassment to the blockchain community. To anyone else reading these forums, be careful before you spend money on this game. The developers aren't working to fix this, they claimed to fix this, and they will hide this post by merging it with old posts. This is starting to feel like a scam. I'm really sorry BCY and BTC have plummeted in value, but that does not mean you get to release garbage. Wrap up shop and refund your customers, or fix it. I can't see why this is so hard to understand. I am only playing so I can blockchainize the rest of my cards and sell them. If you care about your money and wallet, avoid spending money on the game until they hire better devs. I'd ask them to hire me, but at this point, I have lost a lot of respect for the team behind this game. Empty promises. How you handle this issue on a public forum will show your readers of your professionalism.
  3. I have just received 490 gold for finishing the Sia battle once more. This is double the amount I normally receive which is 245 (used to be 140 or so untill yesterday). Here is the screenshot. Before I got the gold, I noticed that my dragon was kind of getting active to fire, although all enemies were beaten already. Maybe one of the enemies go pushed into the spikes or something. Anyway, if anyone finds a way to exploit the glitch, let me know. Between, yesterday I managed for the first time to beat Sia flawless (All cards on full life total). I have a screenshot of that too but it's on my home computer.
  4. KingSlamma

    Challenge Gold

    Does anyone know how gold is calculated in Challenge mode? It just seems to be all over the place. I'll finish on the same wave but have wildly different amounts of gold.