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Found 4 results

  1. I've been playing for just over 2 months using my PC, but now I wish to prepare myself for being able to use blockchainized cards. The PC interface has no menu item for being able to link to the Book of Orbs, so I installed an emulator on my PC and installed the game and the BoO. When I attempted to log into my account from the Android version, I got a message saying that I would lose all my progress if I logged in with my existing account and I should register. I posed this question via Twitter, but I'm being ignored there, so I'm trying here. Is it possible to play on both devices/operating systems with ONE account? When I use the PC version, I never log in (I'm automatically logged in each time the software loads). If I now register on the Android device (using the emulator), can I link my BoO and then continue playing on the web version and NOT lose my progress? Was that notice telling me I need to create 2 separate accounts (one for each device, and start over using the new account), or was it simply saying that I need to register with the new device so that all my data can be shared by either device? I really don't want to lose all my hard work! Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. joeychips

    Leaderboard Explained

    Can someone please explain the leaderboard in detail? I know this may sound a bit dull to most people, but I am not a typical gamer so I do not really fully understand what the leaderboard does exactly. If a player is in the 501-750 category, for instance, do they automatically receive 1,500 gold? Or do they have to somehow claim it somewhere? Also is there a running total of who is ranked where in real time?
  3. tweetious


    I sent bitcrystals to get item A. In the swapbot I can see the message “Received x BITCRYSTALS from “myaddress” with 0 confirmations.Waiting for 2 confirmations to send x item A.” Due to high bitcoin transaction fees, I set low priority fees when I broadcast the transaction. Hence it might take a couple of days since the transaction got confirmed, and the swapbot send me item A. My question is: If let’s say tomorrow, the ventor of the specific swapbot replace item A, with item B. Will I still receive item A whenever my transaction got confirmed? Is my item reserved, since swapbot "saw" that there is an unconfirmed transaction on the way?
  4. Hi! Well, de issue is: 1. My username is jesuscirino 2. I try update spell of genesis from v1.2.2, but my android v6.0 in Lanix Ilium X510 response with "Spell of Genesis" Can't be downloaded...(Error code:0). 3. I try reinstall, but now on install the Play Store say same: Can't download app ... Error code: 0 4. Help me please :(. I like play my SOG.