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  1. This is my kitchen, everything culinary. [cook picture] My take on the likelihood of a fork? Hard to say. My thought is if you have a tough cut of meat, old mutton or something gamey, it is best to season well and let it simmer. Once everything cooks down we can see how it turned out. For now, keep it from boiling over. Low and slow. Real life recipes and guild intrigue. Guilds that may fork: Magicians and Mathematicians Merchants & Mathematicians Magicians & Merchants. Writers and everyone else: but we try to remain neutral --- Guilds looking for a Master - To apply fill out a Guild Charter Writer's ? Ian Hus, @Eddy French ? Ian Jane, @Nicktalop Japanese? Merchant? The Lost Cause - If you can not afford a guild then one will be appointed for you. We might be in need of a Warden of Prisions, Physicians, you name it .... ----