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Found 10 results

  1. I'm wondering if the leaderboard rewards for July, 2019 might be in the incorrect order. They are listed as being 11-25 SHOPKEEPERCD (shown in the SOG Assets as a RARE card) 26-50 MUSHROOMSIMP (shown in the SOG Assets as an EPIC card). Is it possible these cards are in the wrong position or are cards issued at random? If they ARE in the correct spots, then I must make sure my score doesn't go to high or I get a lesser card for a higher score! This seems rather odd to me.
  2. The leaderboard is a great source of Information. I can't access it automatically or at least see all entries on one page. One could in theory track every single player and always see how large the active playerbase is defined by certain terms. The growth in ≥100'000 was quite remarkable in those 6 days. Players I would consider new have grown by 137. Not bad actually.
  3. Play screen display Life and countdown clock. Would be good to display position on Leaderboard. Encourages competition to do better.
  4. Hello there, A small reminder, the rewards for January are posted on our blog here : https://blog.spellsofgenesis.com/monthly-leaderboard/ Have a nice day and game!
  5. It would be really nice to be able to click on player names and see game statistic, cards in inventory and so on. Something like this: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/ragnaros/armory
  6. Hello there, A small reminder, the rewards for December are posted on our blog here : https://blog.spellsofgenesis.com/monthly-leaderboard/ Have a nice day and game!
  7. The news is on our blog, please visit this page to find all the rewards planned for November leaderboard : https://blog.spellsofgenesis.com/monthly-leaderboard/ Have a good game !
  8. Hi all, if I remember good enough four hours ago (aprox) I played and I was 15th in the leaderboard, now just four hours later I'm 16th. I'm not completely sure which one it is exactly but the player I think it wasn't there before now is +-60k points up from me, how is that humanly possible? I mean even with an invincible deck there's no way to achieve so many points in just 4 hours ... or actually it is possible... may be frenzy playing challenge and reaching the highest reward? Btw anyone knows after the update what's the max challenge wave number and reward? Thanks.
  9. sirwagginston

    No Orbs From Tournament

    I didn't put this in the bug section because it's not related to the game itself. I tried to update the XCP address I have linked to Spells of Genesis to 1HhQroQYo5iDfoK3S2kEyfjKhaxSoiUhr, but it still shows 18SDX1xaPuFEetwo6BLqyRbnuKTNuM9McR on my profile page. If I try to change it again, it says "That XCP Adress already exists in database, please choose another one." I was able to change it to something else and back again, where trying the same one twice in a row would still result in the same error message. I thought maybe it was just a GUI error on the Spells of Genesis website, but now I didn't get any orbs in my Book of Orbs from the last season, even though I was #44 on the leaderboard. Can anyone help?
  10. BenRPG


    Dear Community. How does that work to participate in this leages? I have just seen it to the right when I play in my browser and yesterday some prices/rank table was released. So is there a site which describes this? How to sign up and participate?