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Found 3 results

  1. Since quite a few people have reached the final star on the final level currently available, I take this opportunity to throw in some suggestions for future levels. I encourage others to also post their ideas in this thread: Fancy labyrinths where you need to do precise trick shots to even get the shot to the enemy. So the difficulty will more be to actually hit then to make lots of damage. Of course if you have a flame all nearby there are other ways to solve it. Increase the difficulty by making the walls out of black hole material. Bosses which are kind of in vehicles (box of non-spiky bricks), moving over the field where there is only a tiny window of opportunity to hit them as e.g. a small door/part opens up only once in each movement cycle. Zones to the left and right of the screen which let the shot pass through to the other side. This may be on the same high as the window where you shot in or on a different hight. E.g. I shoot into this window to the lower right and the shot comes out on the upper left. Or also from lower left to upper left and things. Cool levels can be designed like this I assume. Spawn barrels. Objects which can be destroyed which are not enemies as such, but where a new enemy will spawn after each x turns (enemy surfaces and is pushed to the side of the barrel/spawn point). So you e.g. don't have to even destroy it to win if you are fast enough. If you aren't fast enough you will have to think if it makes more sense to destroy the barrel or an existing enemy. There could also be a randomization regarding which enemy will spawn, how strong it is and how many turns it will take to attack. Levels that suppress any special abilities of cards. Levels in water, where the shots will have more friction, also see point 7 Wind and Currents, making shots drift to one side or the other, maybe even circular winds (cyclones) in boss levels. Levels in Space with no friction, a black hole and many spiked walls. So you need to do a good trick shot and make sure it hits the black hole in the end or your card will die off spikes. Levels which are like a dark dungeon. Only a few torches to illuminate some objects, but others are in the dark and only visible once a shot flies there. Maybe even an enemy is hidden somewhere. This could be a level thing or a card thing: Split-Shot. So an object or item you can hit which will split your shot into two. These are some ideas to begin with. I hope others will add to it and I will do so too as we go along.
  2. KingSlamma

    Replay Levels

    I know it's been mentioned before, but I thought I would throw it into here. Being able to replay old levels would be great for new plays when run into levels they can't beat, especially with the new Boss level added. They can replay old levels to build up enough gold to buy cards. Maybe make the stars and bars a little larger. I'll use the picture as an example. If a player wants to go to previous star levels they click on the star to the left, or the star with a 2 in it, and vice versa. If the player wants to play a previous bar level, they just click on the bat they want to play. When clicking on the bar it will display the level and have the play confirm they want to play it. Some levels give an extra 100 coins for playing them. I think this should only happen the first time you play the level. After that, any time you replay the level it should go back to the same 10 coins per 1 stamina ratio. Letting people replay old level could open up more possibilities for Quests and Achievements. Also, letting people replay levels could open up the possibility of having hidden or difficult to unlock bonus level. Thoughts, suggestion?
  3. KingSlamma

    Bonus Levels

    It would be nice to have some hidden bonus levels. Maybe something text secretly points too, or make them not so hidden. I've attached an example of how this could work. I noticed there are side roads shooting off from some of the main nodes. I think this would be a great place to have bonus levels. Different ways you might be able to get to a bonus level: 1. Secret hole/portal hidden in a box you break 2. Beat the level in a certain number of turns/shots 3. Maybe at a higher star level, beat it with losing a card 4. .... can't think of any more right now, but I'm sure other people can Also, bonus levels could be serious or they could be fun or a mix of both. Maybe some are hard that reward you with a lot more gold than normal or reward you with crystals instead of gold. Maybe just have a room filled with boxes, you get a certain number of shots to break them and get the prizes inside, ie. gold, crystals, gems, rare cards, extra stamina. Maybe have a room just filled with gold crystals and other stuff and you have a certain number of turns to collect as much as you can.