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Found 3 results

  1. Overtime

    Nasdaq.com mentions SoG

  2. https://cointelegraph.com/news/how-blockchain-gaming-is-evolving-the-way-games-are-played https://themerkle.com/top-5-bitcoin-games-you-need-to-check-out/
  3. KingSlamma

    Friends and Social Media

    Will there be a way to link to a social media account or ask friends to join the game through social media, directly in the game. A feature I find neat in games is adding friends. Several games I've played you can add friends and every day your friends can send you small support, check out Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Puzzle Quest games, etc. This is something else that will help people return on a daily basis and get people to spread the word. Most games you can only have a certain number of friends, but they give you an option to expand the number of friends you have. Start with 10 friends, pay gold, crystals, or gems to expand it to expand it by 1, 2, of 5 slots. Now you just added a little strategy. Do I use my resources to help my cards or to add friends, which in the log run with help me acquire more things. Once per day you can send your friends a set amount of gold. In one of the games I'm playing you can send 20 gold to each of your friends, which doesn't come out of your own gold. I can have 0 gold and still be able to send all 10 of my friends 20 gold. So do I spend my 1000 gold/10 crystals/1 gem to expand my friends slots to earn more stuff, or do I just spend it on cards and upgrade? If guilds are added you can to the same thing with guilds. Only have 5 people in the guild, pay to add more members. Guilds can upgrade this to give boosts to guild members, etc.